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Twitter is one of our favorite social media platforms because it has a much more relaxed feel than others. But, is your Orlando Twitter account utilizing everything Twitter has to offer? Here are our 5 basic tips.

On Twitter, you can only type 140 characters at a time, that’s the tweet limit. Because of this, you need to be short and sweet when deciding what to say. Even though the platform is more broad on what is considered “acceptable” to post, there are still tips that can help when it comes to creating a successful Orlando Twitter business profile.

Twitter Lists

The first Orlando Twitter Tip is about lists. Lists are an organizational tool that help you organize content by topic. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the accounts on that list. This can be super helpful if you are trying to target a specific audience, such as the Orlando area. Instead of sifting through tweets from everyone you’re following, or searching different profiles specifically to interact with those people, you can add them to a Twitter list and view a compilation of their tweets whenever you look at the list. The best part? You can set these lists to private so no one will even know you added them to it.

The Basic 5 Orlando Twitter Tips You Need To Know

Subscribing to Lists

In addition to creating lists and adding specific people, you can search for lists that others have created (that are set to public) and subscribe to them. It makes the process so simple if you find a list with influencers that match your criteria already made. Once you subscribe you can find those lists in the same place as the ones you created. We subscribed to an “Orlando” list and it includes news, happenings, and unique pictures of The City Beautiful from a handful of different accounts.


Mix your content with others by retweeting. If you find something to be relevant, retweet it. The point of Twitter is to share your content and help others share theirs. This is helpful for your Orlando Twitter because it shows others you find their information to be funny/relatable/relevant, and it is helpful for other people because it allows their content to reach more people. If you’re interacting a ton with certain people they might return the favor, and give your tweets interaction as well.

The Basic 5 Orlando Twitter Tips You Need To Know


Twitter started the hashtags… use them. Twitter always has “trending hashtags” on different days, those are good to get your tweets some attention, as these are the topics that are most popular and show up on the homepage. In addition to using them in your tweets when you create them, search for different hashtags to find people in your target audience. This is a super easy way to reach people in Orlando who could be searching for what you’re tweeting.

The Basic 5 Orlando Twitter Tips You Need To Know

Post 3 Times Per Day

Twitter is one of the only social media platforms where more is actually more. The more you post throughout the day the better. Because of the way Twitter is set up, the news feed moves quickly. The more people someone follows on Twitter, the less likely they are to catch your tweets if you aren’t posting enough. If you’re posting 3 times a day throughout the course of the day, the chances of people seeing your content no matter what time they check is much higher. The more you post the easier it will be to differentiate between the content that is doing well, and the content that isn’t. Contrary to popular belief, not all content does well on every platform (click here for more social media myths.)

If you’re thinking about giving Twitter a shot, these 5 basic Orlando Twitter Tips are a must-know. Implement these and watch your Twitter following grow! If you need a little extra “oomph” for your Orlando Twitter or marketing plan, sign up for our free Thrive newsletter. It’s only the info you need to know to help your business grow!

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