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With the advancement of technology, marketing strategies have expanded substantially, but so have the number of steps and tasks needed to execute those strategies. Let’s talk about some apps for marketing that work together to make a marketer’s life easier while maximizing our time.

G Suite

It’s all about the Cloud nowadays. Being able to share files with co-workers and clients has never been so easy. Not only does G Suite give you online access to spreadsheets, documents, shared drives, and calendars, but it also lets you control everything from a single Gmail account.


As an agency working with multiple clients at once, we live by to-do lists and deadlines. Asana is a project management platform that makes it easy for you and your team to set to-do lists and schedules based on your project deadlines. You can assign tasks to each other, write comments, and attach files right under each task.

Apps For MarketingSlack

If we don’t know how to communicate, we can’t call ourselves marketers, right? Slack is a great instant messaging app that allows you to create multiple channels to communicate with your team about different projects and topics. Along with having a ton of fun features, including an exquisite GIF selection, you can integrate many other apps into it.

Last Pass

“Ugh, I forgot my password AGAIN!” Been there, done that. When your business has to keep up with so many logins, plus your own, it can be difficult to remember it all while making sure it’s safe. LastPass connects to different websites and securely stores all your login information in a single vault, so you don’t have to worry about writing them on a piece of paper. You can control your team’s access to certain logins, giving them access to log into accounts without letting them see the actual passwords.


Zapier is one of the apps for marketing that makes the world go round. If there’s anything the apps mentioned above can’t do together, Zapier will create a way. This app has hundreds of different integrations between hundreds of different apps. All you have to do is input the trigger action, such as adding a meeting to your calendar, and input what you want to happen after it, such as creating an agenda on Google Docs based on a template.


Placeit is an online design tool that helps you create marketing assets in just minutes. With Placeit’s design templates you can create from videos to social media images and even mockups to showcase your brand from poster mockups to business card mockups!

How These Apps For Marketing Can All Come Together

A huge part of why I love these apps is because they can work together wonderfully. Here are a few examples of how you can integrate some of these apps:

  • Connect your Google Calendar to Slack to automatically let your co-workers know when you are in a meeting or out to lunch and can’t respond 
  • Integrate your Google Shared Drive into your Slack account, so you can easily download files and get notifications when other files are shared with you, or when you get tagged in a comment within a document
  • Use Zapier to automatically create new folders on your shared drive and projects on Asana when you input a new client’s information
  • Store your logins for all these apps in LastPass, and they will auto-populate depending on the site you’re visiting

There are SO many ways these apps can work together and help you be more efficient. We’re constantly implementing new ones to streamline our processes and have more time to focus on creating successful content for our clients. To learn more about what we can do for your business, schedule a free 30-minute call below with Kaitlyn:

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