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Stumped on the meanings of certain Orlando Instagram words? Here are 8 words every business must know to be successful.

Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms to promote your business on social media. Whether big or small, your company will benefit from knowing the ins and outs of the lingo. Today we’re sharing 8 Orlando Instagram keywords words every business needs to know.


Your username is the name people will identify you on your Orlando Instagram account, and this may be different from your given name but should be similar to your company’s name. When commenting on your photos, people will use your username so you know they are speaking to you.

Tip: Make sure to use the same username on Twitter and your other social platforms so people can identify you easier.


Your Orlando Instagram bio is right under your username. The bio is the section where you can provide a little information about yourself, and any information regarding your business you want people to know. You can add information like:

  • Name
  • Link to website
  • Email/Phone contact
  • Brief description about yourself/ business
  • Location of your business

Orlando Instagram


A post refers to the picture or video uploaded to Instagram.


The caption on your post gives a little insight or description for the photo. Use captions to showcase your creativity and your “voice” on social media.

Tip: Don’t take captions too seriously, people like to see some personality on Instagram 🙂

Orlando Instagram


Always, always, always add hashtags to your photos. Adding hashtags will allow your photo to be easily reached and searchable by others. Hashtags will allow for you to connect with the new creative community, and even create brand campaigns. On your Orlando Instagram account, you can search different hashtags to see how many people are using it. The more people, the better the chance for your photo to be seen, and you will gain more followers. We recommend using local hashtags like #Orlando #OrlandoFL #OrlandoEats to see what the community is doing.

Tip: Always do hashtag research to see what the newest hashtag is and how many people are using it.

Orlando Instagram


Your collective photos on your Orlando Instagram account are called a feed. The pictures you post are a puzzle that creates your feed a unique representation of who you are as a company. Think of it as a visual advertisement for your product. Many people have “themes” on their feed where all their photos have white backgrounds, colorful, and even black and white. Themes allow for your feed to look consistent and appealing to the eye. If you run out of ideas to post here are five noteworthy Instagram photo ideas for you to post today!

Tip: Many people use the same filter to create their feed and to keep it consistent.

Orlando Instagram


A comment is text that goes below a post in which you can express how much you like the product and picture. Use commenting to your advantage to be social on social media by engaging with others and commenting on their photos.

Orlando Instagram


Instagram provides 20 filters that will add contrast, brightness, and color to your photo. You can also manually edit the photos to make them to your unique taste. We edit our photos through an app called VSCO. Here is how you can master editing through VSCO.

The first step to successfully using your Orlando Instagram account to benefit your business is by learning the lingo. Remember these words and you will be a social media pro… at least on Instagram!

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