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Organize your downtown Orlando business with these five easy-to-use apps.

Does anyone miss checking books out in the library, or waiting in line at the bank, or even taking notes on an actual notebook and leaving a sticky note for reminders? Oh, the good ol’ days!

Today everything is going paperless, somehow there is an app for everything and anything. Today we are sharing 5 must have apps for your Downtown Orlando business.


Purpose: Financial

Downtown Orlando Business

QuickBooks is easy-to-use software that helps you run your business and enables you to see your financial status. On your phone, you are able to track sales and expenses, view financial statements, track unpaid invoices and much more. You can sync several accounts to this app such as your downtown Orlando business credit cards, PayPal, and square. You won’t have to stress over tax season as QuickBooks tracks your expenses and lets you upload receipts from your phone.


Purpose: Invoice Creation

Freshbooks gives owners a simple way to manage and track their invoices. You are able to create a personalized invoice and automatically send and bill your clients for recurring invoices. With FreshBooks, you can track and organize expenses from wherever you are and create business reports.

Google Drive

Purpose: Document Sharing

 Downtown Orlando Business

If you are not using Google Drive for your downtown Orlando business, you will have it downloaded by the time you finish reading this paragraph. Google Drive is a lifesaver and I would know because it is the tool we use here at South Street & Co. You can easily import and edit files from a PC to a smartphone. Not only can you create spreadsheets, slides, and documents but it automatically saves to your drive as a full cloud drive. You are able to store any file via the virtual drive app or on the web. Google Drive offers 5B of storage for free!

Google Calendar

Purpose: Shared Calendar

Downtown Orlando Business

This app can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device so everyone in the business can be on the same page with deadlines and important dates. Google Calendar will also alert you automatically and send you an email when you have a meeting or conference call. Your downtown Orlando business will be in sync with what is going on around the office and everyone’s busy schedules.


Purpose: To do list

Downtown Orlando Business

At South Street & Co. we swear by Wunderlist because it keeps us organized with all the tasks we have to do. You can place reoccurring tasks that repeat weekly, or you can place a task for a specific day. Our workload can become heavy with all of the clients and social media accounts we manage but Wunderlist allows us to create folders for each client with their specific tasks to keep it all organized. If you need someone to read a document or share a file, you can attach a link on that to do and they can easily find the document you are needing for them to read. Your downtown Orlando business will benefit from Wunderlist by allowing you to see what your employees have completed and what they have yet to completed.

With these apps, your downtown Orlando business will be organized not only with your finances but with the communication among your team while organizing your company’s documents.

Here is some office inspiration from our downtown Orlando marketing office.

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