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We started 2017 fresh, and by fresh I mean with a fresh coat of paint on everything in the office. We decided we wanted our marketing to be inspired by what was around us, and I mean, if you’re going to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, why not? Our Downtown Orlando marketing office is unique because it used to be a house.

Located in the Thornton Park District, our old house is now a new office space. It’s an open concept that includes a conference room with glass french doors. These are perfect for meetings that need a little more privacy without the closed-off feeling. We wanted our office to be bright and cheerful when clients and visitors stopped by, so we painted all the dark wood white and even hung 12 plants on one of the walls to breathe more life into the space. Here are the 4 ideas we used to spruce up our Downtown Orlando marketing office.

Coffee station

Our coffee station is a “hole in the wall” (literally) cafe. This space used to be the landline phone in the home. It has built in shelves which are literally the perfect size for k-cups and coffee coozies. Now we can make a cup of coffee any time of the day- or multiple times during the day.


Gallery wall

Instead of leaving the conference room walls blank we decided to create a gallery wall to be inspired when we have work meetings or meetings with clients. The images include some of our favorite things (flamingos, flowers, and quotes about following your dreams!)

Succulent wall

One corner of our office is literally alive with over 10 succulents hung on plywood with twine (one of the cutest and easiest DIY’s of all time) because we have become obsessed with succulents lately and we are learning how to keep them alive for more than a few weeks!

White glass-top desks

We “traded out” our dark wood desks for white glass-top desks with the help of a gallon of chalk paint. We had never used chalk paint before and were surprised when it worked as well as it did- it covered the dark wood well and we added glass to the top for a fresher, more clean modern look.

Now that you have inspiration, use this for our February Instagram Challenge.  If you want to check out the office, come to our Birthday Bash to meet the team and check out the rest of our office upgrade! For more pictures of our downtown Orlando marketing office and other ideas we love, visit our Office Inspo Pinterest board.

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