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With thousands of apps available through the iPhone or Galaxy, here are the four Orlando Instagram apps that I recommend you use to make your account more creative.


One of the most used Orlando Instagram apps allows you to become a graphic designer with just one tap. Place it over a clear layout or a photo, and you have a plethora of caption options to choose from. You can edit your photo through apps like VSCO and upload it to wordswag for a cool font. Whether you are wanting to post a quote on your Instagram or are promoting a product and would like words over it, this app will benefit your Instagram by spicing things up with cool fonts.

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We love boomerang and it’s one of our favorite Orlando Instagram apps! It used to be an app where you can record videos and add it to your feed but recently it has been incorporated into the Instagram app itself, so it is much easier to use for your business. We like to incorporate Boomerang into our Instagram story when we post “how to” videos based out of our blogs.


This app takes graphic design on your phone to a whole other level. Not only are there font options to place over the photo or layout, MocaDeco offers filters and adjustment tools along with line and letter spacing. There are many icons that you can use to incorporate into the picture to add a little more personality.

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There is no cost to use Canva and it’s free to upload and design your images. You can also use the thousands of free illustrations and pictures given to you by the Canva library to save and upload to other Orlando Instagram apps. Not only can you make a graphics for social media, but you can also use Canva to create presentations, posters, blog graphics, and cards. What’s so great about this website is that you can use it both on your desktop and on your phone. Create an account, and you can start on a project on your computer and finish on your phone.

Instagram Apps

Be constantly on the lookout for other great apps you can integrate into your Orlando Instagram strategy that can also help to increase your company’s creativity. Even if you have your go-to apps that work perfect for your business, you can always get better. Here are some Instagram keywords every business owner should know to help your Instagram marketing soar!

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