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There always comes a time in social media where you aren’t sure what kind of content to post for your small business. The best way to make your business stand out from the rest is to consistently post creative content.

It’s hard to keep up with creative content when you are posting multiple times a week. So, how do you come up with several different posts for each and every week? I’m sharing three tips to help you come up with more creative content for your small business on social media.


 Repost Content

One of the ways I love getting new creative content is by reposting pictures related to your business, pictures that your business is tagged in, and even reusing your own content. Use social media hashtags to look for related pictures that you can repost (especially on Instagram) and always credit the person who posted it. Consider sharing your customer’s pictures, which is a great way to interact with them! You can even reuse some of your own content, find out which ones did the best and repost them.


Use Stock Photos

Don’t have enough quality pictures? Using stock photos is a great way to continue posting high quality content. Pictures are worth a thousand words and posting stock photos (the good stock photos) it’s a great way to keep your social media content very visual and bright!


Use Holiday Themed Content

We all know (and love) those national holidays like National Coffee Day or National Donut Day. You can creatively come up with content based on each holiday for those specific days. Even making content that goes with the seasons, your social media content can themed to whatever season or time of year it is.


Go Behind The Scenes

One way to get more creative is to go behind the scenes in your business. Show your customers how your product is made or what your service is all about. This will allow your customers to learn more about your business and build a better relationship.


We love creating content for social media, but at times even we run into a brain block! However, by following these three tips your content will always be fresh and creative. Ready to get a call on the books to help your social media soar?

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