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Use Pinterest to spice up your Maitland marketing plan’s content and find inspiration for your caption, social media theme, and helpful tips or DIYs. It’s never been easier to get inspired (and it’s my favorite thing to look through too when I need to write a blog!).

Do you feel like your social media content lacks creativity? As a small business owner, you strive to make a lasting impression on your customers and want to stand out from the rest. In order to keep posting high quality and eye catching content, you need to stay consistent with your creativity. It’s easier said than done when you run out of ideas of feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You can simply search pins using keywords that you are trying to get inspiration for to see what has worked for others and their tips. Here are three ways to use Pinterest to spark that creativity for your social media or Maitland marketing plan.


From using your product in aesthetic flat lays to showcasing your service, you can find the best inspiration on Pinterest. You can create a theme on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by using the same colors, filters, or ideas. You can search on Pinterest’s unique themes or ideas for posting on your social media. Consider what is working for others and what would work best for you and your Maitland marketing plan.

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You want to make sure your image has the right caption to go along with it. How many times do you come across a photo and look over the caption because it’s not eye catching? You can search for different quotes, puns, and hashtags for your followers. Make your followers want to read that caption and interact with your social media!

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Tips & DIY

Pinterest is the perfect place to get tips or DIYs on anything and everything for your Maitland marketing plan. One of the best ways to gain a following on social media is sharing tips. Sharing your knowledge on your product or service will not only help you gain more followers but will leave your followers wanting more. When you share a life hack, a weekly tip, or a DIY to something related to your product or service people will appreciate the gesture of teaching them something new. Use Pinterest to find these tips or DIY’s to find the best ones.

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Pinterest can be another great social media platform to use for your Maitland marketing plan to find inspiration or to use. Follow South Street & Co. on Pinterest here to see how we get creative on Pinterest!

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