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Streamlining The Digital Marketing Review Process When You Work With a Boutique Marketing Agency

Streamlining The Digital Marketing Review Process When You Work With a Boutique Marketing Agency

Boutique Marketing Agency

Streamlining The Digital Marketing Review Process When You Work With a Boutique Marketing Agency

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Working with a boutique marketing agency (such as, ahem, South Street & Co.) can be a fun and rewarding experience for business owners. But how do we set ourselves up for success? We’re sharing tips on how you can save time with a marketing review process.

Why You Need a Marketing Review Process

You might be wondering, “Why do I need ANOTHER process in place for my business?” We know you’re already busy with so many other tasks, but having a review process in place helps keep everyone organized! We’re on the same team, so we want to make sure the review process goes as smoothly as possible so you can celebrate wins with your marketing strategy.

A review process helps everyone stay on track with deadlines, meeting your business goals and reaching more clients. It also helps when we receive feedback so we can understand what clients are looking for to improve our overall communication. Marketing takes time, so we want every small business owner we work with to succeed!

Finding Programs That Work For Your Business

We have strict deadlines for each client we work with, so we know the importance of timeliness when publishing your content! Here’s a look at a few programs we use to review content both internally and externally.


Imagine a digital to-do list with deadlines, project categories, and the ability to tag team members in time-sensitive messages. That’s exactly what Asana does! We stay on track in writing and reviewing client work by creating tasks for each day of the week. Asana also helps us plan ahead for recurring tasks, such as posting content to Google My Business and sending email campaigns.


We LOVE FileStage since it’s an all-in-one review system. FileStage allows us to review client work internally and then send the work to the client for final approval before we post the content. This helps expedite the review process for blog posts, social media posts, design work, and other projects.

Google Calendar

Another must-have for any business using a boutique marketing agency is Google Calendar. It allows us to keep track of all internal meetings, client meetings, training sessions, company activities, and monthly report meetings. Calendar reminders help us stay on track with projects to ensure we’re meeting all deadlines.

Providing Great Customer Service

Another vital part of the review process is being proactive with strong communication. We understand small business owners are busy, whether you’re just starting your business or celebrating your 30th year in business! Reviewing more efficiently means we’ll be able to post more content, leading to more opportunities for our clients to attract new leads and future clients. With all of these processes in place, we keep both our clients’ work and our South Street & Co. content organized! 

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