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Winter Park Social media for beginners can be a huge thing to tackle. There are a lot of different aspects of it, especially if you’re not used to doing it for yourself, let alone your business.

Social media for beginners is as simple as making a guide and following it, like anything else. It’s almost like a recipe. You have the directions, now all you have to do is follow and implement them. For all the social media platforms, each one is different. They all have a different group of people following you, or some could have the same. Here is the Winter Park social media for beginners break down of three platforms your business should have:

Winter Park Social Media For Beginners: Facebook: Created originally for college students, Facebook has grown significantly to represent some of the biggest brands out there, and the smaller ones too. Facebook gives you the option to start a page, community or a group based on interests of yours or your friends.
Here are the social media for beginners steps to conquering Facebook:
  • Post at least once a day. Refer to my previous article about Content Suicide for best practices when posting or updating content
  • Always, always, always reply to comments when someone writes on your page
  • Remember to showcase yourself on the page. Meaning, post things about your business, not just what’s happening in the group or community
  • Facebook has the option to “like” a post, showing your support, and to “share” a post which shows all of our followers the article
  • Peak interaction time on Facebook is Sunday between 12:00-1:00 AM via

Winter Park Social Media For Beginners: Twitter: Twitter is very different than Facebook. It’s a fast-paced option to connect with whomever you want. There are celebrities who have accounts to people who were in your high school class.

Here are the social media for beginners steps to Twitter:

  • Post at least three times per day.
  • The peak in interaction for Twitter is Sundays from 10-11 PM via This means, try to post something during that time.
  • On Twitter, you can favorite or retweet messages. If you favorite, it’s very similar to a “like” on Facebook. To retweet, it’s repeating the message to all of your followers
Winter Park Social Media For Beginners: Instagram: Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. It focuses on one easy thing–pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words, and this platform expresses those well.
Here is the social media beginners guide for Instagram, even if you’re not a photographer:
  • Instagram is a platform to upload pictures to share with your community. You can use different filters to change the look of the picture as well.
  • Peak interactions on Instagram are Mondays via
  • Instagram allows you to follow people, to find people via hashtags (the number sign) and to like their photo
  • Instagram thrives on re-posts and the number of likes a photo receives
Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’re thinking about adding social media to your repertoire, it will take time to understand all of the steps and tricks. One bonus tip on the social media for beginners guide is: ALWAYS REPLY TO ALL COMMENTS. This is huge. If someone reaches out to your brand and they get no reply, they’re more inclined to go somewhere else, rather than somewhere that has great customer service and is on top of their game.
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