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This small town has so many great businesses doing amazing things with their social media marketing it was hard for me to narrow it down!

To me, Winter Garden is the Stars Hallow of Florida. I frequent the Saturday morning farmers market, grab a beer at the local brewery, and bike on the West Orange Trail often.

Come take a stroll with me to check out the 5 businesses that are killing it with their Winter Garden social media marketing.

L E T ‘ S  D O T H I S !

Crooked Can

Their beer and the atmosphere make this place a force to be reckoned with. They do a great job portraying these two elements in their social media. For me, quality content is everything, crisp photos and captions that are informative make it quality. Crooked Can posts about events they are having, new beers on tap, and everyday life at the brewery.

Winter Garden social media marketing

Driftwood Market

This is my go-to for gifts! I first found them on Instagram when they had just one location in College Park and now they have opened one in Winter Garden. For their social media marketing, they help get the creative juices flowing for your home decor or gifts for someone. When I am trying to find something special for a dinner party I am going to or a birthday I know I can head to their social media to find just those things.  

Winter Garden social media marketing

We Are Winter Garden

Say hello to the social media empire known as We Are Winter Garden, they post informational content about what is going on around town and also put a twist to social media. I am sure like most of you my days consist of going, going, going and to settle down for a moment I will scroll through social media. We Are Winter Garden has started a great campaign, #WGcalm, they will post a wonderful picture of the town and tell you to breathe in and breathe out – GENIUS and yes, please.

Winter Garden social media marketing


To me, there is nothing better than finishing up a bike ride and going to grab a juice. Press’d is an awesome juice bar in Plant Street Market. As their social media marketing shows, they are not just juices they have an array of healthy choices. When I am scrolling through an Instagram feed and I start to crave the food, that solidifies a job well done with their social media marketing.

Winter Garden social media marketing

Collective Kindness

One word. CANDLES. I have a whole shelf in my house dedicated to candles, I buy them more than I should probably. Collective Kindness has amazing candles which helps make their social media marketing amazing as well. They bring out all the social media features – you can even order their candles on Facebook. Too bad we can’t figure out how to bring the scratch and sniff feature digital! They always keep us up to date on where they are doing a pop-up shop, and their new candles.

These businesses that are killing the social media marketing game in Winter Garden are awesome. If you are ready to step up your social media marketing game then look no further than us to help you with that.

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