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A little more #LocalLove for our fellow Orlandoans.

Our latest edition of Locals Doing It Right is OUT! These locals are doing it like it’s their job and we appreciate them because it IS ours. Here’s who’s doing it right this month:

Jesse’s Girl Boutique on Twitter – These ladies have it together! Let’s take a second to appreciate the little birdy that tells us all of the great things going on at Jesse’s Girl because there are a lot! What we love about the Jesse’s Girl Twitter account is that they’re consistent but not too consistent, and we’ll be the first to admit it – that’s not an easy balance to find. They have found the things that work for them, and that is (besides the clothes and accessories that is) the Secret Admirer of the Week. What a fun and fashionable campaign complete with prizes and secret sales. Go follow them.

Jesse's Girl

Juice’d Orlando on Google Plus – So, we’ve all seen those photos in front of the mural on their wall (which we will be posing in front of next time we’re in) and that memorable backdrop is what landed them on the list. Google Plus isn’t always easy, but Juice’d has got it in the bag! Not only are their juices amazing but their fun, bright photos make us all want to follow this Thornton Park spot (and neighbor)!


First of all, we’d like to pause and give the next local doing it right a warm welcome to the neighborhood! Verde Cantina is doing so well in the Facebook game – and we also don’t mind that they’re doing the same thing with enchiladas. For such a new business they have a ton interaction, informational posts, photos, and check-ins! Keep up the good work, Verde!

Verde Cantina

Alright so talk about a leader in their market – Ace Metric Cycles knows how to work it on Instagram. The important thing on Instagram is to keep a consistent theme, and Ace Metric does just that. The photos that make it to the Ace Metric-gram are visually pleasing and relevant to the market that they’re in. All of the gears are turning (get it?) on Ace Metric’s Instagram by using hashtags to share their photos with even more people. #GreatJob


Besides making our dogs the happiest pups in the world, the local Woof Gang Bakery has LinkedIn wagging their tails. LinkedIn is tricky because of its professional tone – but Woof Gang makes it fun by sharing fun photos and industry news. As a growing company, they keep their followers updated on what’s happening in their other stores and always make sure to post relevant and entertaining content. This local doing it right not only keeps our dogs happy but also makes our LinkedIn feed cute and fun.

Woof Gang Bakery

We truly do live in an amazing city, Orlando. I feel that it’s a big city with a small-town feel and these locals are helping us stay trendy, full and interactive. Let us know what you thought about this #LocalLove post and about those we chose to feature on it. Tweet us at @SouthStreet_Co.

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