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Here is a little background. I am a fifty-something empty nester that was a stay at home mom and held various different positions throughout my working career ranging from food pantry coordinator, nanny, substitute teacher, and community advocate.  

This past month I started a new career, as an Administrative Assistant to a marketing agency, South Street & Co.  Now, I am from the time of landline phones. I use the computer for emails and paying bills, use Facebook, Snapchat, and  Instagram to keep up to date with my children, but do not do a lot of posting.

I enjoy holding a book when reading, writing my to-do list and crossing my tasks off as I accomplish them. So, joining a company that has the phones attached to the computer and every form of interaction and work is all on the computer, NO PAPER, was, needless to say, a challenge!

Don’t get me wrong, it has been great because I do love a challenge. So here are some of the new programs that I have learned and, to be quite honest, I am still learning. Think about learning or updating your skills with some of the things I have learned, the different calling mechanisms, the programs. They are good ones and something we all could learn and use. Remember, if I can do this then there’s hope for everyone out there who is not as computer savvy as me!

The Computer

The first thing that I’m learning is navigating the different programs such as Google Docs, My Time Station, Toggl, LastPass.

I’m still learning when to use each program and how to quickly move back and forth! My biggest problem with this area is the Google Drive and my fear that I will delete one of the shared client sheets.  So far so good, no deletions and I am a month into the job.

The Phone

What An Empty Nester, 50-Something Learned In Her First Month HereThe second is the phone.  Remember,  I am a landline girl. So having a headset and the phone pop up when I am writing or working is completely new and a challenge! I am also using a headset and I cannot tell you how many times I walk away from the computer only to get pulled right back with my headset!  

The Programs

The third is a program called Asana that keeps track of your work tasks and what you should do next.  It’s kind of like me writing a to-do list, except it is just on a computer; something I did not think that I would connect with but I was totally wrong. With time, Asana has become my new best friend!  

The Lingo

The fourth item that is new to me and the most important is the marketing lingo and how and when to use it. I am slowly, coming into the 21st century with different ways to help companies grow and succeed and hopefully that includes South Street & Co.  

The Questions

Lastly, I have learned to ask questions! I am a very independent woman and in an office with wonderful people who are about my children’s age.  I had to learn to be dependent on them since they are the ones teaching me these new programs and the way of this marketing world. Questions are quite important so I do not sit there frustrated all day!  I learned that it was ok not to know these things, but that I can learn and can do this with their help!

It was time for a change for this fifty-something empty nester and I was fortunate enough that South Street & Co. took the risk and I took the challenge. So keeping learning and keep challenging yourself.  Like I said if I can do this YOU can too!

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