Keeping Up with Trends in Web Design

Keeping Up with Trends in Web Design

Web Design

Keeping Up with Trends in Web Design

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Great web design can make a huge difference for your brand. Here are a few recent trends that your website should follow to stay up to date in this competitive world.

Simplicity is Key

An over-cluttered website can have a negative effect on user interactions within your website. Want more people to visit a certain area of your website? Emphasize it. Using overcomplicated elements in web design can confuse and deter users, so lay it out simply and effectively to maximize their level of involvement. Always consider the experience of the user as your main objective.


Efficient user interactions within your website are key for increasing click-through rates and involvement with your site. A site that is not accessible to the average visitor can hurt the potential for small interactions such as filling out a contact form. One extremely useful analytic tool for user accessibility is This website generates a “heatmap” of your site, essentially showing the most visited and clicked on areas through color changes (like a thermal camera). Use this information to figure out what you need to emphasize or push back in your site’s web design.

Web Design

Branding Consistency

Your website is the main vehicle for showing off your brand, so why not stick to a consistent aesthetic? The consistency of branding elements builds top-of-mind awareness to your brand through the use of colors, fonts and logos. Your website must showcase all of these elements throughout or else you risk diluting your brand’s image.

Do I Need to Outsource?

Outsourcing web design is absolutely a great idea if you do not possess the skills to do so independently. Specialized firms (like ours!) can be used to develop your website especially if you’re looking to completely revamp its design or user interface. However, it isn’t the only option you have. There are many web design services that are extremely accessible to use and some are even freely available. Among the most popular of these are Squarespace (what I used to design my personal website), Wix, and Weebly. They offer creative templates and have relatively straightforward interfaces that even a design novice could use. Although these services are great, outsourcing your web design to professionals like our team at South Street & Co. can help give your site the facelift it may need.

Web Design

Graphic designer Neville Brody once said, “Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” I absolutely love this quote because of how true it is. Digital design, especially web design, is constantly evolving and so should your business! Updating your website can be the first step; once you take the first step your business can move forward!

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