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When designing a website for your business, it is crucial to consider the end users’ experience and how visitors interact with your site. After all, these visitors are one of your most valuable sources for lead generation. Here are some things to keep in mind to maximize your web design interactivity.

The Homepage

Like the introduction of a good essay, your website’s homepage must capture the user’s attention quickly to avoid a high bounce rate.

In web design interactivity, the bounce rate measures how often users leave after visiting just one page. So, it’s vital to keep that number low by implementing attention-grabbing elements into your homepage. Videos, visually-appealing images, and interactive questionnaires are all great methods to keep visitors engaged with your content.

Clearmotion is a great example of an interactive web design element: a slider that changes the color the car as you move it left to right.

Web Design Interactivity


Aside from maintaining a low bounce rate, your website’s homepage must act as a “hub” of navigation to other pages on your site. After all, you don’t just want visitors going to one or two pages, you want them to browse all of the content you worked so hard to create. Therefore, on your homepage, you should have links that lead to all areas of your site. They should also be organized in such a way that the content flows organically.  

The Call to Action

Why do you want people to visit your website? Your call-to-action should answer that question. Known as a “CTA” in the marketing world. Your call-to-action should drive users to a specific area of your site to generate leads or sales. This can take the form of a landing page, which is the first page a user sees, or an interactive element such as a button or contact form. ‘Call Now’ or ‘Book a Free Consultation’ are examples of an effective CTA, but these can vary based on your business or the purpose of your site.

Evernote’s homepage has a great CTA to generate sign-ups for their services.


Web Design Interactivity



Your web design interactivity should support your site’s content to increase the chances of a visitor becoming a customer. By following these fundamentals, your website has the potential to be your biggest asset. If you’re not sure how to get started, or if you would like your site updated, South Street & Co.’s web design team works with you to make your ideas a reality.

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