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With organic reach declining on each platform, it has become grueling trying to reach your target audience. You need something to stand out and adhere to short attention spans and the lack of wanting to read. This is why it’s important to use video on your social media accounts, right now.

By using video, you’re creating eye-catching and engaging content for your target audience. We now have the ability to record video at any time and at any place, thanks to technology. Potential clients are watching videos at record rates in 2018 and it will only go up from here. Below I’ve outlined 3 key reasons to begin implementing video into your social marketing strategy right now.

Video Is Trending

Video On Your Social Media Accounts


Let’s face it, video is the popular kid in school right now. Nearly every major platform allows you the ability to upload video content. Over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day. Potential clients aren’t just watching videos, but they’re consuming this content via their mobile devices. 90% of Twitter video views happen on mobile. Why video on your social media accounts is crucial for your business.

What do these statistics mean to you? At the very least, you should be experimenting with video for your business. Live formats receive more engagement than any type of posts on Facebook. Your video doesn’t need to be long; getting your point across in 60-90 seconds is optimal for many videos on social media.

Video Is Easy To Consume

Our attention spans are slowly shrinking every year. Many of your customers are multi-tasking as we speak. You’re in a daily battle for attention between their lives, entertainment they consume and businesses in your industry. When you’re creating marketing content for your business, it’s imperative that you cater to the way your audience consumes on social media.

At the moment, video is the easiest way for a person to digest your message. Video requires your audience little or no effort to watch as they scroll through their social media feed. Most major platforms allow your video to be auto-played too.

This means as a follower scrolls their feed, your video will automatically play once they’ve reached your post. Your videos first few seconds will need to be engaging in order to stand out. Once they’ve chosen to actually watch your video, your content should be informational or fun.

Video Is Fun!

Video On Your Social Media Accounts


Social media is a fun form of marketing. We log on social media to be entertained or to discover new information we didn’t know previously. This is where you can give behind-the-scenes looks into something your business creates or a service you provide. Here at South Street & Co., we share marketing tips and apps we’re currently using that could be beneficial to your business.

Using video on social media allows you to be even more friendly with your customers. Your social profiles act as the online location for your business. They serve as a reminder to your patrons that you exist in this busy, digital world. Producing video content on a regular basis allows them to get to know you better.

I hope this has helped you when it comes to your social media strategy and why posting video on your social media accounts should be added to your plan. You want people to see you, and the way to be seen these days is up close and personal in a video!

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