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Having a traveling job means you have a lot of free time on the move. A lot of people are in the car a lot more than they realize. But what do you do in the car or while traveling with your time? Listen to the radio, talk on the phone, catch up on email (eek, hopefully not!). What if you could use all that time more wisely? I came to this question after wondering if the famous Siri could read me my emails… she could not.
I read a lot of blogs and figured if I could have them read to me, that would save me a lot of time, and I’d be able to use my time more wisely. That didn’t really work out. So I got to thinking… what could I listen to that would help me be more productive? After reading a blog that an industry leader wrote (I can’t remember who it is now) he said he spent the first 10 minutes going to work listening to a podcast that updated him on yesterday’s events. BOOM. Then it hit me, the world of podcasts was one I wasn’t familiar with. That day, I looked into it and it’s everything I was looking for and more.
Podcasts exist for anyone and everyone. There are podcasts that have helpful tips on money management, like Dave Ramsey, there are others that help people with SEO, such as’s podcast. Here are the ones I subscribe to that help me use my time more wisely during the day:
EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey by Dave Ramsey
Get on 1st Page Google by EWebStyle
Social Media Marketing by Social Media Examiner
Entrepreneur On Fire by John Lee Dumas
Another great way to pass the time more wisely is to listen to audio books. I came across the website It’s an Amazon company and they allow you a free subscription when you sign up. It’s easy and free. Sign in through your Amazon account and then choose from the thousands of books they have in their virtual library. I’v read one book already and am working on the next one now. The two I’ve read and would highly recommend are:
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