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Are you in a rut with your Oviedo marketing plan? Today I’m sharing how to use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business.

If you are a first-time guest reading our blog, then let me begin to tell you that your business presence on social media is crucial to adding on to your marketing plan! If you are one of our loyal readers it is no secret that Instagram is changing the way businesses market their brand. With over 700 million active users you would be missing out on an opportunity to reach new and bigger audiences if your Oviedo marketing is not using the Instagram platform.

In order to improve your marketing, you need to increase the following on a consistent and steady basis. The more people following your company and brand, the more those followers can turn into potential clients or loyal customers. Today we are going to share how to use Instagram as a marketing tool for your Oviedo marketing.

Business Profile

Instagram has recently given users the opportunity to create “business profiles’ which mirror the business profiles on Facebook. Instagram has also allowed this page to be easy for followers to contact you. There is a call-to-action button allowing them to email, call, or text you depending on how you have it set up!  

Oviedo Marketing

A great advantage to the business profile is it provides analytics. This insight gives your Oviedo marketing account access to engagement data, and how well your photos are doing. The more insight you have on how well your content is doing the better you can assess future content and improve your engagement on Instagram.

Cross Promotion

If you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, this probably means you have different audiences on each one, specifically LinkedIn and Twitter. Cross promoting your Instagram posts to the other social outlets will allow your audience on Instagram to grow and vice versa. Maybe your friends on Facebook don’t know you have an Instagram, and this can help increase your following. Instagram makes it easy to do this, all you have to do is sync your accounts on the app, and you can post on several different social media outlets at the same time!

Tip: Don’t assume that your posts will reach everyone connected through your Oviedo marketing on social media. Different people prefer different social media outlets so make sure your business is active on as many platforms as possible.

Another tip: Don’t assume that what works for Instagram will work for Twitter or LinkedIn. Think of social media platforms as different friends, having different personalities. What one friend likes, another friend may not like. The same is true for social sites. What works well on one may not work well on another.

Get Creative

As a marketing agency, we enjoy all things social media and love it when we get to be creative for our client’s social media. Being creative with your images is a great way you can connect with your audience. Advertisements can get old and redundant. Take a step back and plan out how you can send the same message without it sounding overly promotional.

Oviedo Marketing Oviedo Marketing Oviedo Marketing

Fed Ex

You can identify your brand’s personality through images on Instagram and be able to have fun with it! Followers appreciate creativity, and individuality on Instagram so make sure yours stands out!

At South Street & Co., we handle several Instagram accounts for our clients and have fun doing it! We make sure that their brand is identified, and that they stand out among their competitors. If Instagram is not your thing, don’t worry, It’s ours! Set up a free 30-minute consultation so we can get creative with your Oviedo marketing Instagram strategy!

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