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It seems that nowadays everyone has a brand for themselves. However, many of these do not reach success for many reasons. In order to make a name for yourself and give back to the world, you need to have successful branding. We’ve created an Orlando branding guideline checklist exclusively for you to help you rise above the rest!   

Have a Clear Mission

First of all, a brand is the customer’s perception of your business. Branding assets like logos, social media, and customer service all help to create this impression. At the foundation of successful branding is a clear vision.

Whether you provide an eco-friendly product to reduce waste or you provide delicious meals for affordable prices, you know the values and goals of your business. It is important to share this mission with your customers.

A mission statement emcompasses what you and your brand are about. Consistent branding will reflect your mission statement clearly and inform customers who you are.

Finalize Your Product or Service
Orlando Branding

Photo courtesy: Hellcats Inc. Goods & Accessories

So you have your vision planned out. Now you have to finalize your product or service. What is it exactly? Why should people care? Why should people purchase it?

You must decide how your product or service conveys your mission in order to have strong branding. It must reflect your brand’s values, be functional, and generate attraction from prospective customers.

Hellcats Inc. is an Orlando business run by the husband and wife duo, Clark Orr and Brittany Reagan. This business sells goods and accessories that reflect their personal styles and ideas. Their products reflect dark and fun themes. They are consistent in displaying their products throughout their social media feed, helping customers on their website, and staying true to their character.

Find Your Target Niche and Audience
Orlando Branding

Photo courtesy: Hellcats Inc. Goods & Accessories

Before you invest all of your time and money into strong Orlando branding, ensure that you have a target audience. A strong vision and unique products need customers to thrive.

Think to yourself the following questions:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What industry should you focus on?
  • Who wants this?
  • What entices them?

Take time to research your future clients and build those relationships. The more information you know about your audience the easier it is to sell something to them.

Hellcats Inc. customers range from college students who love tattoos to design professionals who appreciate detail-oriented work. They seek to be kind and fun whenever they meet their customers in person.

Looking for the Rest of These Checklist Items?

Building a brand is not easy and cannot be done overnight. Check out our full Orlando branding Guideline downloadable checklist to help you create your successful brand.

If you are a business seeking branding solutions, visit South Street & Co., and drop us a line.

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