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The Best Zapier Zaps We Use: How Automation Can Change Your Workflows Forever

The Best Zapier Zaps We Use: How Automation Can Change Your Workflows Forever

The Best Zapier Zaps We Use: How Automation Can Change Your Workflows Forever

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We’re all looking for ways to make what we do every day more efficient, and programs like Zapier are the answer. We’re sharing the best Zapier Zaps we use at our digital marketing agency.

What is Zapier? Zapier is a code-free automation tool compatible with over 5,000 different apps we use daily. The automations are called Zaps, and you build them using a drag-and-drop workflow to accomplish tasks you would usually need to do manually. 

There are a lot of moving parts in any workplace, and our marketing agency is no different. Having a program like Zapier running in the background saves us hundreds of hours each year.

The Best Zapier Zaps We Use Every Day

Missed Phone Calls

Anyone who works in an office knows how often the phone rings – and sometimes, no one is available to answer. The caller leaves a message, and then what? Our missed calls Zap helps us respond to callers quickly and give them the best possible service. How does it work? When we miss a call on our main office line, it goes to our answering service. They send us a quick email summarizing the call, which triggers the Zap. 


Zapier sends a message to our #call-log Slack channel, notifying us of the missed call and providing call back information. The Zap also creates a task in Asana as a potential lead, and adds a subtask to our admin’s list to follow up with that lead. You can see in this image what the Slack message looks like.

Website Technical Issues

In the age of the internet, we all have websites, and we need to make sure they’re working at all times. Our clients rely on us not only to create great, SEO-optimized websites and web content, but also to maintain their websites. If a website goes down or is having technical problems, we have Zaps that are triggered when UptimeRobot sends us an email notifying us of a website issue for our website or any of our clients’ sites. 

The Zap then creates an Asana task for a member of the team to address the technical issue, or if the website is down, the Zap will send a notification to the Slack channel so it’s resolved immediately. 

Client Meetings

Anyone who works with a lot of clients who they have close relationships with knows that it takes work to keep up those relationships. We communicate with our clients throughout the month via email, phone calls, and texts, and we get to see them in person once every month at their monthly meetings! As you might have guessed, we take advantage of these opportunities to cover everything we need to in an in-depth way. 

We use a Zap that’s triggered as soon as we schedule a client meeting. It creates multiple tasks in Asana, including tasks for agenda creation, reviewing agenda content, sending follow-up communications with the client, and sending a recap to our team in Slack. This Zap gives us great consistency with our clients and helps us deliver the quality and communication that’s necessary to maintain these relationships. 

Client Onboarding

Raise your hand if onboarding is one of your favorite things to do at work! If you didn’t raise your hand, you’re not alone. The onboarding process can make or break the experience you have with a new employee and a new client. We use a Zap that is triggered as soon as we schedule a kickoff meeting with a new client. The Zap creates multiple tasks in Asana for our team to email the client and prepare them for the onboarding process. It sends reminders to schedule various meetings, and sends a message in Slack sharing our newest client with the team!

Want Some Time Back In Your Day? 

Not only does Zapier save time for our agency, it allows us to deliver the same consistent, high-quality service to our clients by ensuring nothing is missed. If you would like to learn more about implementing Zapier in your office, we offer Zapier Consulting services to help you find the best Zapier zaps for your workflows. Schedule a call with us today to learn more!

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