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Social media is always changing… and we’re trying to keep up which is why we’ve paired with people who know how to do it right! Here’s our insight into social media with Soul in Stilettos!

Tell our readers about yourself and your blog

My name is Emilie Sobel and I am 24 years old living in Miami Beach, Florida. I graduated in 2014 from the Savannah College of Art and Design where I majored in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. It was in school that I founded my blog, Soul in Stilettos. My blog is not only about what I wear and my style, but it is about all things creative. Over the years, it has transformed into a lifestyle blog where I talk about fashion, food, travel and friends. When I am not blogging, I am working full-time as a social media coordinator.

Tell us how you first got into blogging.

I started a blog my junior year of college because I wanted a place to write about and share what I love. I’ve always thought it was important to have a place I could go and talk about things I was passionate about. I needed a creative outlet that was my own and not something someone was asking me to do. I think it is so important for everyone to have a hobby, to dedicate time to something they are truly passionate about. My blog is my passion and my fun past time that turned out to be the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Soul In Stilettos

How did you establish your “theme” or brand?

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of shoes. I’ve been collecting them since I was little and love how a certain pair of shoes can transform your mood, your outfit, your day. My favorite movie is “In Her Shoes,” and Toni Collette has an incredible quote that I relate to on so many levels. “Clothes never look any good… food just makes me fatter… shoes always fit.”

For your theme or brand, do you have things that you do consistently?  

Not necessarily. As you can probably tell, my blog isn’t a shoe blog. However, fashion is a common theme throughout every post. Whether I’m literally shooting an outfit, talking about an event or just writing about an experience, my outfits are always curated and styled for a post.

Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

I find inspiration in everything, but most of all, I always look to what my friends are enjoying or following. I like to keep up with trends, but I find that I transform trends so that they become more personal. For example, I jumped on the choker trend because that was what I saw happening on my social media feeds, however, I am going to continue to wear chokers even when the trend dies. I think it’s important for every person to embrace their personal style, but also allow inspiration to come in from all over.

What do you think is the best strategy to get more traffic to your blog?

Genuine engagement and genuine networking. I try my best to befriend everyone I meet. I am lucky to live in Miami where I am surrounded by incredibly hard working, passionate individuals. These people are not only my friends, but people who inspire me and also serve as my fans. I love that the fashion/social community of Miami is so into helping one another. Instagram followers are great, but when you actually know and have a relationship with someone who also happens to follow you, that’s even better.


Soul In Stilettos

What’s your favorite social media platform?

Instagram! I love that we have our own little platform to curate what we love and want to share. I love that my Instagram is made up of my style, my favorite foods, cities, friends, and family. My Instagram is very personal and not your typical blogger Instagram feed, but that is why I love it. I am 100000% me on Instagram.

How do you gain followers?

I work in social media, so I am constantly on my phone uploading to my feed, to my story and commenting on people’s pictures. I’m not sure what the secret it, but I can say that sharing content on a regular basis and sharing the love back to your followers will help you build a solid community.

Once you have the followers, how do you keep them?

Keep providing the content you are giving. Don’t stop posting for weeks, people will realize and unfollow. Don’t post awful photos, make sure you don’t have any typos and always make sure you are being a genuine Instagram follower by liking and commenting on people’s photos. You will get more attention when people see that you interact.

How many times a week do you post?

Once a day, sometimes twice if I have an event or if I’m traveling.

Is this a part of your strategy to keep gaining followers or do you post at random?

I post daily, but either in the morning or at night. I’ve found that most users on really on and engaging before or after work.

What are some misconceptions about social media?

Social Media is AMAZING and I hate when people say they hate it! I understand the idea that people think we are glued to our phones, but if you use social media wisely, it can change your life. I work in the industry so I am a bit bias, but I have seen it transform people’s careers and brands. It is an incredibly powerful tool if you use it correctly. Just remember, everything in moderation. Put your phone down at dinner…after you’ve snapped the photo of your beautiful food. Don’t be ashamed to share, these businesses appreciate that you are posting about them!!


Do you have photos taken professionally or do you take them yourself?  

I work with an incredible photographer who is also a dear friend, Christine Michelle. You can fall in love with her work at @christinemichellephotography.

What are some tips you can give in order to take a good photo?

Make sure you are comfortable with yourself and the photographer. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous you are, if you aren’t able to loosen up and have fun when shooting, your photos just won’t turn out as well as they could.

What’s your favorite location to take photos?

I love to shoot against contrasting walls. A bright pink wall makes any outfit look cooler.

How do you find relevant hashtags for your photos?

I curate a list of hashtags to add to the comments of every post.

Soul In Stilettos

What are your top 3 favorite emojis?

????  ????  ????

How do you keep your website updated & relevant?

I try to put aside time every day for my social media and for my website. As long as you have time for yourself, everything will fall into place. Don’t stress.

What apps would you recommend to our followers?

VSCO Cam and FaceTune for on the go editing. Keep a consistent theme. I use VSCO Filter HB1 on almost all of my photos and then go into FaceTune to smooth out blemishes and bring out certain details.

What else do you want to add to help small business owners?

Be yourself. Embrace your individuality and your weirdness. I try not to care what people think, and it has taken me so far.


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