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A social media marketing strategy can include endless areas of opportunity. We’re explaining how storytelling can open new doors for your business.

Your business was once just an idea, maybe an epiphany that sparked a fire in you to do something big. From that initial thought came a journey– the long, tireless, bittersweet journey– that brought it into fruition and got you to where you are today.

Through the ups, downs, trials, and tribulations came lessons learned, restructured strategies, evolving perspectives and innovative solutions. The story of your business is yours. And quite frankly, it’s your biggest selling point.

Depending on how niche your niche is, there are likely dozens of businesses in the area that offer the same products/services you do. Your key differentiator is your story.

What did you find that the market was lacking? Why did you decide to bring a different approach to your target audience? Your consumers will choose you if they feel a connection. The only way to effectively initiate that connection is by implementing storytelling into your social media marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Utilize Facebook & Instagram Live To Your Advantage 

Consumers like to put a face to the name– especially when it comes to small businesses. There’s something more special and intimate about knowing the owner and founder of a company is still playing an active role.

By tuning into Facebook or Instagram Live every once in a while and answering frequently asked questions, you’re offering consumers a look inside your business’ experience. Give examples and tell stories to boost credibility and educate your audience.

Update Your Instagram Highlights

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If your highlights on Instagram aren’t being utilized, that’s your homework. These highlight bubbles live on your feed and are highly frequented by visitors.

You can easily make a graphic on Canva, or you can use a video as the cover photo. Either way, they need to serve a purpose for your consumers. Use one to list your products/services, use one to showcase previous work, use one to answer FAQs and dedicate one to sharing your story. Trust me, this needs to be a first step in your social media marketing strategy.

Write Blogs That Use Authentic Examples

The more real you are with your consumers, the more they’ll appreciate you. Share your lows and explain how you turned them into highs. Use your blog as a resource that educates and inspires your audience. Whether that’s by telling them to just go for whatever they’re holding back on, or by simpling urging them to find a DIY solution to a problem, you’re building trust– which, in turn, boosts credibility.

By implementing these key steps in your social media marketing strategy, you’re breaking down that business/consumer barrier that implies you’re unreachable. If your inspiration for starting a business was to improve the lives of your target audience, do just that by giving social media a breath of fresh perspective.

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