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Do the following excuses resonate with you? Now is the time to implement ‘Social Media Management Orlando’ into your small business marketing plan.

It’s already Monday again and you’re dwelling on the fact that you didn’t post on your social media accounts last week as often as you would’ve liked to. You know its importance, so finally, you’re looking up ‘Social Media Management Orlando’ to find someone to do the deed for you.

Here are three reasons you may be skimping on your business’ social media platforms:

1. You Don’t Totally Understand How To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

This is something we hear often. As a small, local business, how can you grow and monetize your social media platforms like bigger corporations? The answer is simple: Use these free platforms as a way to communicate with your audience and showcase the experience of your brand.

Take Rifle Paper Co. as an example. They only have one store located in Winter Park, but they have over 1 million people interested in their business on Instagram. How could this add up? It’s all because they utilize social media to their advantage by sharing their products in an aesthetically-pleasing, relatable fashion. Over the years, they’ve nailed down the content their audience wants to see and they consistently deliver.

2. You Don’t Know How To Create Appealing Content

social media management OrlandoIf you’re scouring the internet for ‘Social Media Management Orlando’ because you want your feed to look as engaging as other brands, you’ve come to the right place. Take it from us– through trial and error, we developed a color scheme that made our profile seem worthy of a follow. But, visually appealing content doesn’t necessarily keep your followers interested.

There’s a secret formula to maintaining a solid social media presence that we’re sharing if you promise to implement it… Ok? It goes like this:

High-quality imagery + engaging caption + interacting with comments + [at least] 20 relatable hashtags = a recipe for success.

The key to growth is consistency. If you remember this formula, post great photos of your products/services, ask a question or paint a picture in your caption, respond to comments and include hashtags that describe your brand, you’ll find your audience will become more and more invested in the experience you’re displaying

3. There Aren’t Enough Hours In The Day To Interact

Realistically, you should be posting and engaging with your audience every day to build relationships. We utilize Buffer, a social media management platform, to post for us and our clients. In doing so, we can plan appealing content ahead of time and not have to worry about spending the time to physically post to our accounts every day.

While this solves one problem, it doesn’t necessarily handle the interaction part of the formula. According to Instagram’s algorithm, you must interact with your audience in order to appear on their feed. Without interaction, your posts may not show up, which will prevent growth. Because we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of this tedious task, we’ve added interacting to our client’s social media plans to ensure we’re providing the best possible results.

As a business that specializes in ‘Social Media Management Orlando,’ we take great pride in watching our fellow small businesses grow their reach online. If any of the excuses above speak to you or your business, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our owner, Kaitlyn! We’d be happy to come up with a plan to grow your business!

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