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Today I’m sharing some of my fav small businesses around the Central Florida area who have been slaying the industry and growing through their Orlando Instagram platform.

Yellow Dog Eats

Yellow Dog Eats is a small barbeque joint with original recipes. Yellow Dog has quickly grown to become a popular local spot to eat with live music, a pet-friendly atmosphere, and one of a kind specials. The ever-popular restaurant has grown to have 10.6K followers on Instagram.

Orlando Instagram

Photo Courtesy: @yellowdogeats

Their use of creative and consistent hashtags have caught on to their followers. Now fellow Instagram users know which hashtags to add to their photos for the company to notice them. Yellow Dog has also cleverly set up many different photo ops including a vintage VW bus. It has become a must to visit the location and take photos which will hopefully be uploaded to Instagram. This will lead other followers to ask where the photos were taken and make them want to go get photos of their own. Yellow Dog has used this as a clever advertising strategy to keep their restaurant unique and fresh.

Prive Salon

Prive Salon is a local award-winning luxury salon in Orlando. With an impressive 6.7K followers on Instagram Prive is headed in the right direction with their social media marketing.

Prive uses consistent hashtags on all photos to help reach a wider audience searching for new hair salons. They also do a good job at showing amazing before and after photos of client transformations leaving us Instagram users wanting a makeover of our own.

Orlando Instagram

Photo Courtesy: privesalon_orlando

You can even interact with the company through their comments and expect a response back. This leaves the consumer hoping their dream of a new hairstyle will become a reality.

Etoile Boutique

Etoile boutique is a small clothing shop in the Milk District of Orlando. This boutique specializes in vintage, handmade, and modern fashions. Despite having over 5K followers on their Orlando Instagram, Etoile boutique recognizes the necessity to constantly upload new photos to gain even more followers.

Orlando Instagram

Photo Courtesy: etoileboutique

Social media is not just about frequent posts, it is a necessity to interact with your audience. Etoile does an amazing job at returning comments to all of their followers whether they are asking what size a dress is available in or the hours their boutique is open. This is very important for growth because it helps establish a relationship with your consumer before they even enter your boutique.  

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