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The day after Black Friday is a little treasure called, Small Business Saturday. Instead of dashing off before your turkey even has a chance to settle in your tummy, you may want to consider our 3 benefits to shopping small and local this coming Saturday, November 25.

Some people do it for the thrill. Others, it is the rush of saving money on presents for their friends and family. Instead of rushing off on Thanksgiving night to be dressed in your finest battle gear right as Black Friday begins, you may want to consider snuggling up to your loved ones as long as you like, well, maybe until Saturday.

Reason #1 Support Local love

When you shop local and small, you are supporting your community. By keeping it local, you are investing in your community’s ability to thrive. Here in Orlando, we have a strong sense of community. Locals look out for one another and you can see a lot of this through interactions on social media. Building relationships versus connections is a huge tool when it comes to small businesses, a lot of the time support starts with the community. This is an example of the local love between Terra’s Bloom Box and us!

small business saturday

Reason #2 Access to Expertise

One of the more overlooked benefits when shopping small is that small businesses are masters of their craft. Owners of mom-and-pop shop restaurants and companies with few on their payroll, feel so strongly about their business. In order to compete, they must be the best at what they do.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, “In the U.S. there are 29.6 million small businesses.” That’s a pretty hefty percentage standing against the big boxes but small businesses have an upper hand when it comes to the quality of customer service they can provide. For example, we’re a small marketing agency but because of this, our clients are getting a very personalized experience when working with us. We have mastered the craft of the flat lay, so this is something we consider to be of our expertise!

small business saturday

Reason #3 Unique Offers and Gifts

It’s typically the Doorbusters on Black Friday that fuel this consumer tradition. It’s hard to ignore – we completely get it. However, those luxury items are not everyone’s cup of tea. When shopping Small Business Saturday, the customer has the opportunity to select unique and personalized gifts. The business has the opportunity to participate in offering customized deals that are unique to them like a personalized gift with each purchase, generous markdowns or specials like the first few customers get a freebie! Here is an example of a unique present for your customers if you were a florist or in the ice cream business!

small business saturday

If you are a small business owner, then Small Business Saturday is your day to shine! If you have alliances with other local businesses in your community, this is an opportunity to work together. Perhaps your store hosts a pop-up shop with a local florist or bakery. Maybe offer a service you have been playing with the idea of introducing and give it a test run on Small Business Saturday!

If you are in the food industry, perhaps you have a deal on something available for one day only. Small businesses have the ability to personalize the customer’s overall experience, and the little details will leave a lasting impression. You never know who will be walking into your small business. What you implement on Small Business Saturday could open doors you weren’t expecting!

small business saturday

The holidays only come around once a year and we’re excited to have time dedicated to spending it with the people who mean the most to us. Black Friday can be a stressful day. Why not take the day to enjoy it? You’ll have Small Business Saturday to get in some Holiday shopping. It’s the season of giving, and giving back to your community is one of the best gifts.

If you are in the Orlando area, then Orlando Main Streets has a breakdown of what is happening locally for Small Business Saturday! Click here to check it out! 

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