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Small businesses are the fabric of local communities, we love them, we need them, we are them. So, why is it that some of our local favorites feel like best-kept secrets in our area? This is where small business marketing companies come in to help with exposure.

If you’re curious about how your small business can increase online and foot traffic by using these resources, we’re sharing four ways a small business marketing company can help your business reach new heights. 

The first, and sometimes most obvious, perk of looking into hiring a small business marketing company is the fresh set of eyes that are looking to elevate your business. Sometimes that’s all it takes to see where your business can make those fast changes that make the greatest impact. 

This is done through these four perks of working with small business marketing companies:  

Develop a Goal-Oriented Strategy 

We know you have a clear idea of what your small business does for the communities you serve. But does your community? Bridging that gap is where your business’s vision becomes a success, and small business marketing companies can help you strategize that message. 

It’s important to find a marketing company that is familiar with the goals and is eager to get acquainted with the details of your business. Part of the beauty of small businesses is their attention to detail when serving their local communities. In that same thread, a small business marketing company should communicate that same message by being both personable and persistent. 


We created these worksheets to help you utilize your blog and social media better. Download our FREE printable Social Media & Blogging Worksheets below: 

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    Break Down Analytics 

    How do you know if your marketing strategies are working? The simple answer is analytics. But fair warning, to the newcomer these numbers can appear daunting. This is where some businesses aren’t even looking in their DIY marketing attempts, and a huge way a small business marketing company can be a huge asset to gain a better understanding of your current approaches. 

    It’s crucial to find a small business marketing company that has regularly scheduled touchpoints and takes time to break down the data generated. If you don’t see how your marketing is working in real-time, it’s almost impossible to trust that it actually is. We use a system called Agency Analytics and it takes the data we generate from our individual business marketing strategies and streamlines it into monthly reports. So both you and the small business marketing company can see what’s working, what’s not, talk about it, adapt, and grow. If you’d like to try Agency Analytics for yourself, use our coupon code “AA_PARTNER_142150” and you’ll get 50% off of your first month!

    Broaden Your Audience/Reach  

    This is where the work of data analytics comes into practice. Using the data that’s generated from your digital marketing strategy, a small business marketing company can help identify key areas of your target market that you aren’t reaching and help you do so. Or, you may already know who you haven’t reached yet and need help targeting those individuals. Either way, a small business marketing company has the knowledge to fill those gaps with their expertise. 

    Success like this comes easiest when you choose a small business marketing company that’s local to the community you’re actively serving. The best way to reach your audience is to be a part of it and, as we already know, some of the best marketing and small businesses are locally sourced. 

    We also create strategic hashtags to spread the content of our small business clients to new areas in their online reach. Locally focussed to the audience your business’s account is looking to impact, we create a list custom to your goals for online reach. Interested in using our #HashtagHelp and see how this can work for you? Click here. 

    Interested in learning more about hashtags? Use our hashtag sandwich! Click here to download it free now & never forget a hashtag again.

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    Connect You To Influencers In Your Local Area 

    An asset that isn’t available without the collaboration with a small business marketing company is the connection to influencers in your community. Whether those are individuals, social media accounts, or communication touchpoints, these companies have the keys to those gatekeepers. 

    Specific to South Street & Co., we have a strong relationship with the @AroundDowntownOrlando @AroundThorntonPark and @AroundWinterPark Instagram accounts. These accounts serve as the tastemakers and influencers in their local neighborhoods here in Orlando. As a small business marketing company ourselves, we can coordinate paid placements on these accounts that can expand the reach of your business to over 30,000 people in the local Orlando area. If that sounds like something you want to learn more about we would love to connect with you here through Becoming a Local. 

    As a small business marketing company, we are speaking from experience here. If you have any questions about how your business can benefit from hiring a digital marketing company schedule your free 30 minute call here