Cross Promote Your Orlando Blog Because of These 4 Reasons

Cross Promote Your Orlando Blog Because of These 4 Reasons

Cross Promote Your Blogs Because of These 4 Reasons

Cross Promote Your Orlando Blog Because of These 4 Reasons

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In the morning, I like to wake up, workout, and then get ready for work. Sometimes, I don’t prefer that order, but I’ve noticed that in the morning, sometimes it’s nice to take a breather before the events of the day unfold. Lately, I’ve tried drinking tea. For me, it helps me relax while I catch up on news or ponder the day’s events. While reading the news, (if you do this as well, I’m sure you’ve noticed this), there are multiple places for you to share the article. You can share via Twitter or Facebook most of the time. Other times, it gives you the option to send someone the email, to pin the picture to one of your boards, or to even post to Reddit. All of these ways the newspapers are getting you to cross promote their stories should be the ways you cross promote your blog. To cross promote your Orlando blog is so important and here are my four reasons as to why:

  1. Opportunity. Your blog has the opportunity to be seen by so many eyes if shared on social media. Think of this: If you share it, you’ll be able cross promote your Orlando blog to your audience, then if they like it, they’ll cross promote your blog, and so on and so forth.
  2. Views. The views of your blog increase drastically. How can I make this guarantee? Well, the potential of views will increase just by sharing the article, as opposed to doing nothing for the article. 
  3. Learning. Do some research. See what people like. A lot of times, people play with headlines and learn what other’s prefer and what they don’t prefer. When you cross promote your Orlando blog to your audience, you’re educating them and slowly getting to know what their style is and also what they like to share.
  4. Awareness. You’re becoming known by your target audience. You’re educating people on great subjects that pertain directly to them so your awareness is increasing. Also, you’re getting yourself out there to be seen. One thing I learned when I started in a marketing internship was, if you open your doors, people won’t just come. People need an incentive and they need a reason. They also probably don’t know where you are or what you’re selling either.

To properly cross promote your Orlando blog, post it on:

  • Facebook, with hashtags
  • Twitter in under 160 characters with hashtags
  • Pinterest to one of your boards dedicated to blogs
  • Instagram as the picture that goes along with your blog or an illustration associated with your blog
  • Google+ with hashtags
  • LinkedIn directly from your blog

If you need any help to cross promote your Orlando blog, contact us here. For more information and tips, see our Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram pages.

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