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Today was a busy day. I was traveling all over, driving around Central Florida. By the end of the day, I was exhausted!ย By the time I got back to the office, my feet were hurting, my back was done with the day and my eyes were as tired as ever. One thing I was grateful for was a good pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes gets you through a long day and it’s one less thing you need to worry about. Just think, you’re most likely on your feet all day, and if your feet are hurting you’re more inclined to be miserable, want to sit and need to take care of them. So, what does a good pair of shoes have to do with great Orlandoย small business promotions? Two words: They Fit.

A great pair of shoes fits just right and gives you what you need and are looking for, so do Orlando small business promotions. A great small business promotion allows your customer to know all of the information they need in a limited amount of time.The average person is on their phone for 58 minutes per day. (From If they only spend 58 minutes on their phones you want to be included in that 58 minutes with your Orlando small business promotions. What do great small business promotions look like? Here’s a breakdown of what should be included:

  1. A capturing headline: A headline should capture the audience’s attention and let them know what your small business promotions are about.ย 
  2. Some quick tips or info in bullet points: Why they need your service, what you can do for them.
  3. A call to action: Get them to call you or to email you by enticing them to with a “limited offer.”
  4. A contact: Make sure you have contact information on your small business promotion. Whether it be a phone number or email address, it’s so important to have that listed on there.
One great piece of advice that people may forget is having the ability to track where the small business promotions come from. If you can have a temporary phone number or QR code linking to a specific page to your site, you can track where those people came from for your small business promotions.
Orlando Small business promotions come in all shapes and sizes as well. They can be a mail-out, a Facebook photo, Instagram photo, flier, rack card and anything else that gets the information across quickly.
If you or someone you know needs information or help on small business promotions, contact us here. For more information and tips on small business promotions, see our Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram pages.
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