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Rebranding is such an exciting time because it’s almost like a rebirth of your company with new beginnings. In order for it to be a special process, you’ll need a rebranding strategy that works.

When I’m sitting here thinking of who I would give the gold medal of rebranding to in Orlando it would have to be Advent Health. Hands down the best rebranding I’ve seen. Everything seemed (from an outsiders perspective) that it was timely, well thought out and branded perfectly.

During the process of rebranding, it’s an intense time because you could be rebranding for many reasons.

  • It could be a simple need to just refresh your brand
  • There could be a mammoth need to start over.

Either way, a rebranding strategy is necessary and vital for success. Here are a few pointers from me when planning your rebranding strategy.

1. Reason

The first real step in a rebranding strategy is knowing and verbalizing your reasoning for rebranding. Humans are creatures of habit– when you take away something they’re so used to seeing, they want to know why.

Be honest and tell your audience the amazing and inspiring reason as to why now is the time to do a rebrand.

Rebranding strategy2. Targeted research

When you start thinking about what your rebranding is going to look like, start with targeted research. What is your audience going to want to see from you? What will compel them to play along?

If most of your audience is women but you really want to open the market to men, then consider appealing to that audience. If you’re rebranding to compete with larger companies, look at what they’re doing and determine what’s bringing them success.

3. Create the magic

Now that you have your reasoning and you have your audience, it’s time to create the magic that will become the new look for your company. Collaborate with a team of people to create your meaningful and empowering new brand image. Keep in mind to gather opinions from a small group of people you trust because everyone sees things differently so their opinions matter.

4. Campaign strategy

So now that you have this stellar new branding, you have to shout it from the rooftops– the people need to know! You’ll want this announcement strategy all in place before you flip your brand image.

Think about running a Facebook ad, writing an article in your local newspaper, teasing your fans on the new rebrand and have them jumping up and down waiting for it. The more people that know you’re changing your image, the smoother the transition.

5. Exchange of the guards

The time has come to change E V E R Y T H I N G. When I was in the midst of a rebranding, I literally remembered a new item that needed to be changed every day. For your own sanity, don’t do this: Before you begin changing everything, do inventory and make a list of everything that has your branding on it and everything that you want your branding on. Then go for it! Work with your vendors and your team to seamlessly change it all.  

At South Street & Co., we can help with all of the above steps. With design, content, and strategy as our strong points, we can make sure your rebranding strategy goes off like the fireworks on the Fourth of July!

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