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I can’t be the only one still obsessing over Pinterest. In my opinion, this social media platform is one of the most understated when it comes to reaching future customers. Using Pinterest for small businesses is an essential tool to promote content and products to a wide variety of audiences. Its ability to connect with users through a simple “repin” creates an advantage that other media platforms lack.

The Power of Pinterest Through Repins

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an interactive experience that allows users to “Pin” products, ideas and inspiration. Businesses have the ability to connect their website with their products. When a Pin of a product is clicked, the user can be taken directly to the webpage where he/she can purchase the item or learn more about the item. Not only does this simplify the process for consumers, but it also promotes the company and its products.

Organizing Pins through the Section Feature

Even after almost ten years of operation, Pinterest continues to innovate their site with new features. In using Pinterest for small businesses, one thing I didn’t know before working at South Street & Co., is the section feature of each board. Pinterest allows you to organize the chaos of pins by creating boards within boards. This is perfect for business owners, college students or anyone like me who gets a lot of satisfaction out of organization.

Here is an example of the section feature where you can organize your pins.

Pinterest for Small Businesses


Using the Section Feature to Target Markets

How does this benefit your business? More than ever, Pinners can view content in an organized and effective way. This allows a company to simply promote their Pins to their target market. Instead of making customers waste time searching for a specific product, Pinterest enables businesses to organize Pins by category, type, or product line.

Using Pinterest for small businesses is an evolving and innovative marketing tool to reach consumers on all different walks of life. I hope you learned something new about one of our favorite sites here at South Street & Co.!

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Written by: Taylor MacKenzie

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