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If you’re wondering where your favorite Instagrammer or business edited their photos, your app store has endless options. Here are some of my favorite photo editing apps you should start using today.

Nowadays, being able to have the most breathtaking edited photo on IG is how you generate a great amount of views. Instagram has become a tremendous phenomenon, especially having the most attractive photo filters or effects. 

When you come across a well-branded Instagram, the photos are bound to catch your eye. Here are the best photo editing apps so that you, too, can have an aesthetically appealing IG. 


Photo editing apps

VSCO cam is one of the more popular photo editing apps and it’s my personal favorite. VSCO gives you over 100+ illuminating filters, which always draw attention to your photos. These filters give your photos a classic look in a subtle way. This app also contains a community of photographers within the app, allowing you to share photos with one another. The best part about this amazing app? It’s free!

Adobe Lightroom CC

Photo editing apps

Adobe Lightroom has always been a go-to for most photographers and graphic designers after a shoot. Adobe has created an app for all their programs, which are more simplified for beginners. If you already have a subscription with Adobe, don’t hold back on this gem. The editing tools are extremely powerful, containing more than just preset filters. Lightroom allows you to alter every detail of an image, giving you options like curves, healing brush, color mix and many more. This app is a photographers dream, making photo editing off your phone way easier. 


Photo editing apps

Of course, if Google has an app, it’s going to be a great one. Snapseed provides an insane amount of features for a free app. Like Lightroom, it gives you a user-friendly way to alter every little detail and you have a set of unique tools and filters. 

On every filter, you are able to specify if the photo is a person or nature, which actually plays a huge part in choosing the most appropriate options. 

They have it all– the curves, healing, selective tool, brightness and contrast. The neat part is you get a wide set of unique filters like vintage, grainy film, portrait, glamour glow and more. Those filters are set apart from the preset filters. Overall, Snapseed could be your go-to photo editing app if you want all the best features. 

BONUS: Instasize


This is an app that we just recently tested out and it helps you with everything you need and they describe themselves as ‘the toolkit for creatives.’ This app has a free version and a paid version. We tested the paid version because it has over 100+ premium filters, over 80 borders, advanced beauty tools and they have tips and content from other influencers on here. Click here to learn more about it and test it out.

Editing photos the right way in 2019 is essential for your branding and Instagram. Photos tell a story, so it is important to capture the right details with the right edits. Make sure to download one of these apps if you want to enhance your photos and improve your social media strategy! 

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