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If you’ve ever seen the movie Despicable Me, you immediately think of minions. The little yellow short guys with googly eyes holding a banana. Don’t you wish we could have real life minions? I know I do. They’re loyal, nice, creative and funny. Just add intelligence and you have the perfect concoction for your ideal outside marketing person. What if I told you you could have your own minion marketers? And not only your own minion marketers, but they’d be free? Interested? Here’s how to have others market your Orlando company for free. 
How to have others market your Orlando company for free is the easiest thing once I learned what to do. Having someone else market you is as simple as joining a networking group in your local area. Take my experience as an example:
I went to a networking group with someone I met while cold calling businesses in person. She liked my presentation and my product and thought a lot of people could really use my help. So I went to the meeting and it was different than any other networking meeting I had been to previously. The people were outgoing and very personable. They invited me to come to the meeting the next morning. Only problem was, it was at 7:15, 20 minutes away from where I lived. With a big gulp of air I excitedly agreed.
The next morning I woke up and got there a little early (it wasn’t too bad waking up that early). The same pleasant people were there to greet me; then the meeting started. Everyone stood up and introduced themselves explaining what they did and what kind of referral they would benefit from. They told a short story and made it relative to what others could understand. At the end of the meeting, everyone passed their referrals to others in the meeting around and announced who was getting a referral. I was AMAZED at how many people in the group received referrals. Out of 20 people in the group, there were probably equally as many referrals. Then it dawned on me, these people are teaching each other how to market your Orlando company for free!
Going out to market can be costly and it can take a lot of time. This is a great alternative to market yourself in a small environment with people who are talking to others through their small businesses. The fancy word for this is a leads generation group. The main idea of the group is to market each other and to bring in leads for the other members. A lot of these members are loyal to their group and will refer quicker than someone they don’t know. After a while, it becomes a friendship more than a business relationship and people find that they can trust your business. This is exactly how to market your Orlando company for free.
There are many ways to join leads generation groups to help you market your Orlando company for free for people to market for you in your area. Here’s a list of some networking/leads generation groups to look into:
  • Junior League
  • Rotary Club
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Borough 
Some of these groups cost money, but if you’re getting a lead a month (for active groups), or a lead every other month, it is well worth your resources. While leads generation is great to grow your clientele, so is inbound marketing. If you have any questions or need help with website design, SEO, blogging, social media or promotions, click here to contact us.
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