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I love a great website- I’ll usually buy something from a website or use their services if the website is stellar and grabs my attention. Let’s dive into three must-haves for your Orlando web design.

When creating an Orlando web design, you have to think about more than “is my website mobile friendly” or “is my website secure.” Don’t get me wrong, those items are imperative for your website, but we’re going to talk about the design side of web design.


Always incorporate your proper branding into anything you do marketing wise, but this is most important for your website. When I’m helping to design a website I always think, “If this website had no content on it, would a frequent customer know that it’s their website?”

Start with your brand colors when beginning your Orlando web design. If you have a brighter color in your branding, then use that as the accent color.


Three words: call to action. Honestly, I live and breath call to actions. When people are on your website, they’ll want to know where to contact you, and I know that you’re probably thinking- well, yes I’ll have a contact page on my web design- but it’s much more than that. CTAs (or call to actions) should be sprinkled all over your site, like every. single. page. multiple times.

What you can use for your call to actions could be a button that says “Let’s Get Started” or “Ready To Chat?” Each of these buttons should lead the customer to a contact page or a simple form.


Orlando Web Design

Your Orlando website design is your business card for anyone searching for your product or service. You have to grab their attention from the moment they set eyes on your site. Tell your story and explain how you can help them. Headers are your friend. They are usually bold and very visible so make sure all of your headers draw people in.

Keep the content on your website simple and to the point, explain all of your services or your products as if someone is reading about them for the first time. Inspire your audience, solve their problems and relate to them. That’s the best thing you can do when it comes to your content.

When starting your Orlando web design, remember these tips. They will help you convert your website audience. If you still aren’t sure where to start, we can help you with that! Contact us today to get started on your new and engaging web design.

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