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As a small business owner, it’s important to get connected with your city. Think about it, your city is filled with potential clients for your business! If you don’t market yourself to your city you will miss a chance to be a face of your community.

You need to put yourself into the city’s culture and mindset to really become a part of the go-to spots. Orlando small business communities are important to get your business out to the locals and here are three ways to help you start creating your own community.


Connect With Other Small Business Owners


To create an Orlando small business community you should always start with the other small businesses in the area. Networking with other small business owners can bring many opportunities for collaborations. We work with different local bloggers so they can post on their blog that we interviewed them and we can post the interview on our page. If you are interested in the Fashionable Accountant’s interview you can find it here.

One thing we are working on here is stressing the importance of backlinks to our clients. Backlinks? What’s that you ask? A backlink is a way for businesses to promote each other! Let’s say you own a roofing company you would pair up with an AC company. The AC company will write about the importance of AC replacement with the summer heat. Now, you will write a blog on the importance of roof maintenance during hurricane season. You will post their blog on your website and your blog on their website and link back to each website so you can promote each other’s services. Such an easy and free way to connect with your community!


Hosting Events At Your Business


People love feeling part of what you are passionate about! A great way to create an Orlando small business community can be by hosting an event people will want to come out.


For example, when South Street & Co. hit two years in business we held a birthday bash at our office! We had the party to have the people who helped the company’s success come out and celebrate with the team.

Orlando Instagram Followers

This is a great way to give back and start your Orlando small business community! Really thanking the people who helped your business be where it is today. Another idea would be if you are a local boutique you could pair with a wine company to host a wine and shop. If you are a coffee shop you could host a local band. These are all ways to really connect to the community and offer more than just your services.


Using Twitter or an Instagram Story

The Orlando community is active on Twitter and Instagram so it is important that your business participates in these forms of social media. Twitter is a great place to tweet different sales or promotions you may have going on in your business. You can use an Instagram story to capture what your business is up to on a daily basis! Also show any new projects or exciting news you want to involve your followers in!

I hope these three tips have helped you get your Orlando small business community growing and connecting with the awesome resources Orlando has to offer!

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