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When it comes to your small business, it’s important to focus on your platform, aka your Orlando small business website.

Your Orlando small business website will help you grow your brand, your message, and your clientele. A website will help you do what you do best. Whether you’re a lawyer who needs to tend to clients, a plumber who needs to fix items or a fitness buff who needs to instruct; what you do on your website is up to you, just know that this could be the first place that a person gets to know who you are and what you offer. Here are a few ways to make sure your small business website is killing it.

With a site, you can expand your reach, promote-promote-promote, set your narrative, and build your reputation. All of these are essential to growing your brand.

Expand Your Reach

With an Orlando small business website, you can expand your reach to new and old clients. Clients will always have a place to find you and what your business offers. If they have questions, your site should be the answer.

Orlando small business website

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Promote, Promote, Promote  

Promoting your own brand has never been easier than now because an Orlando small business website will do a lot of the work for you. Promoting is made easier with a website since you have a place to send a prospect. That’s where the importance of social media and optimizing your site with SEO comes in (my specialty).  

Creating blog posts with relevant, helpful content with related keywords will help expand your reach, and index your site on Google, which will lead to a higher ranking on search engines and more leads, prospects, clients or whoever else you’re trying to reach.

Orlando small business website

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You Set Your Narrative

Your narrative is your story. Your story is who you are. How people remember you and how you get your word out. With a small business website, you get to be in control of your narrative, which is, after all, one of the most important things for a business to have. With the right tone, you can reach your clientele and tell your story like never before.

Build Your Reputation

Often times, the first place that people find your business is not your from your store’s physical location, it’s your online location. People are spending more and more time online searching, and researching before they ever step foot into your gym, law office or whatever your small business is.

Building your reputation is about building your social media presence. Linking back to your site will drive more traffic to your services or products.

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