Orlando Small Business Marketing: Where Do You Start?

Orlando Small Business Marketing: Where Do You Start?

Orlando Small Business Marketing: Where Do You Start?

Orlando Small Business Marketing: Where Do You Start?

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Orlando small business marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated. But can it be as easy as a dinner recipe (once you figure out your ingredients, of course)?

The other day I tried out this new recipe from a delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients to your door. It’s a pretty sweet concept (isn’t it?), especially if you don’t have time (or want to) go out and get groceries or buy an item you’ll probably use once.

Anyways, the ingredients came with a recipe and instructions. It was so simple. You literally checked off everything, did it in order and your recipe came out the same (or maybe better if you have that “special touch”) than the one in the picture.

Now, why can’t this be the same for Orlando small business marketing?

Marketing, X, Y & Z

A lot of people approach me and ask, “Kaitlyn, where do I start with my Orlando small business marketing? I’m thinking about X, but then I heard about Y and now someone told me I should probably be doing Z.”

Sound familiar?

Not Like a Recipe, After All

Well, I wish I had the magic answer for you, but I don’t. Orlando Small business marketing isn’t like a recipe. Most of the time, you can’t follow what someone else told you to do and make it work for your business. If you’re in the same industry, that’s different.

Orlando Small business marketing is going to be different for everyone out there.

So here’s a perfect marketing plan to start…

The Perfect Marketing Plan

Your Orlando small business marketing is kinda existent… but almost non-existent. You have a website, you have a Facebook page and you have some customers.

Now, where do you begin with your efforts?

First step: Build your foundation. Just like building a house, you can’t put the roof on before the walls and before the floor. Think of your website as your floor. You need to make sure your website is up-to-date and that it is current with the times. How do you know if it’s current with the times though? Does it have photos from the 80s? Does it still have that you’re open on Saturday and you haven’t worked a Saturday since 5 years back? Those are things you need to look at and ask yourself about.

Second step: Update your social media pages!!! This is a must. Some people think that social media doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t bring in clients/customers. Well, how do you know? Are you tracking where people come from? Are you asking how they found you? Nowadays, Facebook is popping up in the search results as an option for a lot of people’s companies. This is what I mean, if someone Googles your company’s name, your website will come up, and maybe your Facebook page underneath it will come up too. Facebook has become a search engine in itself. Make sure you’re posting regularly!!

Third step: Make sure your local listings are accurate. What are local listings? Local listings are YP.com, Google My Business, SuperPages.com and so on. These are avenues for customers to find you. If you have a wrong phone number or an incorrect address, they won’t be able to track you down. This is a tedious process checking all of these. So, hire someone like us. We’ll enter in all of your information and make sure it’s up-to-date yearly.

Fourth step: Capture customer’s emails. Email marketing is NOT dead… I repeat, it is not dead. According to EmailExpert.com, email returns an average of $44.25 for every $1 spent on email marketing. Whoa!? Yes. Those are accurate. Email marketing lets you tell customers that you’re having a sale, moving, have openings for appointments and anything else you want your customer to know.

These are just a couple tips and tricks to get your Orlando small business marketing kick-started. There are many different ways to help a small business and there are many different things each can do. For any questions or to see if we can help your Orlando small business marketing, call us today- 941-730-4418.

For more information on Orlando small business marketing: where to start, see our Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ Facebook and Instagram pages or contact us here.

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