Orlando SEO Company Questions You Need To Ask

Orlando SEO Company Questions You Need To Ask

Orlando SEO Company Questions You Need To Ask

Orlando SEO Company Questions You Need To Ask

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This past Thursday I went for a run. While running or exercising, I am always able to get my thoughts in check. This run was no different. This morning it was a little cooler and I ran a mile (that’s an accomplishment). Around the ponds and family gardens, I came to the conclusion that there are some Orlando SEO company questions you need to ask. Why? Because not all SEO companies are the same. Here’s why:

Orlando SEO company questions are important. You need to make sure that this SEO company understands you and your company in order to represent you with the appropriate keywords phrases your customers are searching for. You should be interviewing them just as well as they should be interviewing you.
The Orlando SEO company questions you need to ask are:
  1. How long have you been doing SEO work?
  2. How have your results been with other companies you’re working with?
  3. Do you have any measurable results that I can see?
  4. How long do you propose it will take to get me to the top of the rankings?
SEO companies should be able to easily answer these above questions. Now, once you have the information that you asked for, here’s what to look for:
  1. If they say over a year, they should know what they’re doing. You can dive in a little deeper and also ask if they do anything to continue their education. SEO is always changing, so you need to make sure they’re staying on top of what the industry is doing as well as best practices.
  2. If they say they’ve been good, which no company will say they’re struggling, that leads to question 3.
  3. They’ll most likely say yes. Now after they’ve sent you the information, you need to look at the keywords that that company is ranking for. If you see there are only a couple of keywords in the top 3 spots, ask them why. Ask them what they are doing to kick those spots up to the next two positions. See also if you can find out how long those positions have been in the top 3 spots.
The last of the SEO company questions you need to ask is, which is very important, is, “Can you get me to the top spot in a week?” If the answer is yes, run. There’s no way to get a new company with no previous SEO to a top ranking position. If your company has had some SEOs working with you before, it’s easier, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Chances are if they say it can happen overnight, they’re not doing something that is compliant with search engines.
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