4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

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Orlando Realtor marketing can seem hard, but with these four insider tips, you can boost your marketing in no time.

People always ask us if we specialize in anything and the answer is yes but no. We specialize in small to medium business marketing. Why do we say small to medium? Because some companies that we can work with (and would love to work with) don’t consider themselves small businesses.

But recently, we’ve been focusing our efforts on Orlando realtor marketing. We’ve noticed that there are a lot of realtors in the market, especially in Orlando. So we decided to target realtors to help them with their marketing and to help them stand out against all of the other competition.

You may be asking yourself, “What does Orlando realtor marketing look like though?” Good question. We’ve come up with four ways to boost your Orlando realtor marketing, and here they are broken down for you.


When it comes to your Orlando realtor marketing, blogging is essential to helping you set yourself apart online. BUT, and that’s a big but, you can’t just blog about anything. Your realtor blogging should be only about things that relate to your industry. 

4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

Here’s what I mean. Take a look at our most recent blogs. They’re all about marketing. If we started going off on a tangent about politics or bubble gum, it wouldn’t relate.

If you’re targeting people within the College Park area and those who are looking for a single family home, you wouldn’t want to blog about why cats are great pets. You want to blog about topics that are relevant to your audience. Here are some examples:

  • College Park Realtor
  • College Park Homes
  • Why You Should Live In College Park
  • Are College Park Homes Affordable?

When you blog and write about these topics, you have a great chance of coming up in the search options when someone types in a subject like this.


With your Orlando realtor marketing, you must make sure your branding is consistent. If your colors are black and red, use those across all mediums. I’ve seen so many businesses who use their logo colors and then add purple and green into their branding which doesn’t fit at all.

Think of it this way, whenever you see McDonald’s you always see yellow and red. When you see Nike, you always see the swoosh. When you see SouthWest Airlines, you always see yellow, red and blue. These companies have established their brand and guess what… people remember them!

4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

With your brand, you need to make sure everything is the same. Your logo stays the same color; your pamphlets are the same color as your logo, your website is consistent, and your pens and letterhead are the same too.

All of this makes a difference and if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, being consistent is key!

Target Your Niche

This ties in with the blogging tip above, however, you need to make sure whatever advertising you do is targeted towards your niche. I have a client right now who’s a realtor. He has a very particular niche of active adults and seniors. He has trusted resources that he has vetted to recommend to his coveted clientele.

When we blog for him, we blog about seniors and active adults. There are many options for this too. You can blog about senior living, senior activities, senior apartments, active adult classes, active adult discounts and the list goes on and on.

But it doesn’t stop there. Make sure if you’re advertising on Facebook or any other medium, you make sure you’re hitting your target markets. Don’t make the audience so broad that it hits everyone, but don’t make it so narrow that it only hits a handful of people. Get with an expert who can help you overcome the obstacles to online advertising for your Orlando realtor marketing.


Each year, mobile video consumption rises 100% according to YouTube. That means that a lot of people, an ever increasing amount, are watching a video over reading. This can vary depending on your targets. However, video resonates with people much quicker than reading does.

Facebook live is a great option for Realtors. Facebook tends to promote this product over their other ones because it’s brand new. Facebook live is a live stream of a video. Think of yourself as a reporter with no time to edit or no room to correct mistakes. Once you’re on Facebook live, you’re on!
4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing

But how can you use it for your Orlando realtor marketing? You can use this to show a home online, to tour a neighborhood or to introduce your home to the neighbors and local parks. You can even show how close it is to schools by creating a mobile tour in your car. The possibilities are endless.  

These tips are straight from our playbook. We help our realtor clients accentuate and expand their Orlando realtor marketing, and we’d love to do the same for you! If you have any tips that you like using for your marketing, tweet us at @SouthStreet_Co.

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4 Ways To Boost Your Orlando Realtor Marketing
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