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Now a days everyone is on social media and everyone has amazing photos… or so it seems. Here’s your insight into getting amazing Orlando product photography every single time (and how we do it too).

Whenever we’re online all we see are picture perfect images with clear, crisp, white backgrounds. Sometimes we even think, “Is this really what their office looks like!?”

Well, when it comes to your Orlando product photography, you want people asking the same questions and talking about the same thing. Frankly, talking in general, is the key to building your online brand. So many people forget the point of social media is, in fact, to be social. So how do you get your customers or potential customers talking about your Orlando product photography?

It’s easy, you hire a professional. In today’s market, a lot of people think they’re the professional when it comes to their marketing and don’t get us wrong, some of them are on point! They know what they’re doing and it’s their job to take amazing and high-quality photos. However, what about for the small or medium business owner who needs to RUN their business? That’s where we come in!

As a marketing agency, you may be thinking, “Hmm, but they’re not photographers, right?” Yes, you’re right, however, we have an eye for good design and we’ve been doing this for other clients like yourself! What we’ve been doing is called flat lays and they’re those ‘picture perfect’ images of products with the crisp white background. An example of a flat lay is the picture below. 

Orlando Product Photography

A Secret

Do you wanna know a little secret? We freaking love doing them!! When I first started this agency, I wanted to do the best work and to work with the best clients. But, one thing I never thought was that we’d be doing such fun things like taking Orlando product photos for our clients.

Right now we’ve worked with a cupcake company, ourselves (of course), an attorney, a custom greeting card company and a digital print company on Etsy. All of these companies have taught us two things… we’re really good at these photos and we love doing them.

Our Process

If it’s a local client, like our greeting card client, she comes into the office with a box full of tchotchkes. She literally brings everything you can think of! We had a rainbow cow with wings, a troll from her childhood (she’s in her 40s now) and sunglasses with palm trees around them. The one thing she requested when working with us is, “I want to be different than the other people out there.” And guess what… different she is!!

Orlando Product Photography

We start with the main item. It needs to be the focal point of the image and it needs to stand out against the other things in the frame. We tend to take the picture in a square setting so she can use it for Instagram and so it’s already sized for Etsy, where she’s selling her cards.


When you take pictures like this you need to have great lighting and the sun’s light is not enough. Believe us. We tried it in front of blinds- not a good idea because we got lines across our product. Then we tried it outside- also not a good idea because when clouds came it blocked the good light. So our solution? We bought soft boxes. These are the lights photographers use to make sure they’re getting a clear and bright shot. The advantage to using these is it doesn’t matter if it’s dark outside because these will help immensely!

The Other Items

Don’t worry, if you don’t have other items to include with your product, we can provide those for you. We have quite the collection of items for products and you can also send us some trinkets or items that you’d like photographed with your products too.

To Begin

To begin we’ll send you a short questionnaire about your product and the theme you’re looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for a more ‘manly feel,’ we’ll want to know that. If that’s the theme you’re going for, we’ll shoot images with more rustic and darker colors. If you’re looking for a more ‘millennial woman’ theme, we’ll shoot images with florals, pastels, and coffee. Each theme and product is different and the photos should reflect that.


The last item about Orlando product photography should always be the editing. We use different apps and a little Photoshop magic to get you the look and feel that you desire. You specify the theme by answering the questionnaire we send and then we deliver you edited, cropped and ready-to-post photos.

Your Orlando product photography will look amazing and creative when we’re done with it. This is what we’re already doing for clients below. 

Orlando Product Photography

Orlando Product Photography

Orlando Product Photography

Orlando Product Photography


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