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These are our favorite photos of people showing their support. We call it ‘The Light In The Darkness.’

The news has been flowing day after day now with everything about the shooting in Orlando. As a small business, blocks from where this horrific and atrocious act took place, we’re stunned. Stunned that someone could do this and stunned that this could happen so close to home and work. 

I personally didn’t grow up in Orlando but came here with high aspirations and dreams to attend UCF. After graduating from UCF (and looking for a job everywhere except Orlando and finding one) I stayed. Orlando has become my home and I can honestly say I love it.

When I went to a marketing conference a couple years ago, the lady at the front desk looked at my ID and said with stars in her eyes, “Oh, you’re from Orlando!? Do you go to Disney every day!?” I smiled and replied, “Not quite.”

From then on I figured everyone thought Orlando was all about the famous mouse. Until now. People around the nation know that Orlando is SO much more. Until now people know that Orlando is home to many people who hardly ever venture out to the theme parks. Until now Orlando knows how close our community is.

In lieu of these tragic events, we wanted to shed a little light on the positivity that Orlando natives and foreigners are showing everyone. I cannot fathom what the victims’ families and friends are feeling but I can stand in support. In doing so, we wanted to show everyone the beautiful pieces of art those near and far have created to show their support. We found these online and are so happy to see the support literally flooding in. Here are our favorites.

Rifle Paper Co. Orlando Love Rifle Paper CompanyLove for OrlandoOrlando Fashion Girl

Do Tell Calligraphy DesignsDo Tell Calligraphy DesignsIMG_0243Lake Eola FloristIMG_0244The Wonder Well Co.IMG_0245Orlando Up OrlandoPray for Orlando@AroundThorntonPark
IMG_0246Orlando EatsIMG_0247The Attic OrlandoIMG_0248Sugar Loft Cakes OrlandoIMG_0249Outfitters Ave OrlandoIMG_0250Orlando Is Your CityIMG_0251 The Dinner Party ProjectIMG_0252Get ToastedIMG_0253Chantell Cruz PhotoIMG_0254Invanhoe VillageIMG_0255Bampana Vintage OrlandoPray For Orlando@AroundDowntownOrlando
IMG_0256 Crooken Can BrewingIMG_0257Barnies CoffeeIMG_0258Ashley Brooke NicholasIMG_0259
EatlandoIMG_0260@OrlandoIMG_0261iDrive Orlando
IMG_0262Snap OrlandoIMG_0263City of OrlandoIMG_0264Orlando Farmers MarketIMG_0265@Ashalina33IMG_0266Zupp OrlandoIMG_0267Dr. Phillips CenterIMG_0269Briarrose And CompanyIMG_0271@Foodnomade from GermanyIMG_0273@Papaworldtour from SpainIMG_0275BonnarooIMG_0278@Britt.reagan
IMG_0284Support from ParisIMG_0285Support from Auckland, New ZealandIMG_0286Facebook IMG_0287FacebookIMG_0283

Of course, this last one is our favorite. Thank you to all of our locals and to everyone who has supported us through this hard time. Orlando is truly #OrlandoStrong.

<3 Kaitlyn

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