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When your business deals with a lot of information, sometimes it’s difficult to present that information in an understandable way. That’s why infographics are popping up all over social media  they visually communicate ideas in a more concise and creative way. Check out these useful tips for your Orlando Infographic Design.

Summarize Your Info

Let’s say you’re trying to make an Orlando infographic design based on an article or blog you’ve written about your business. However, the article is far too long to fit in the area of your infographic. That’s why it’s important to summarize your info before you begin. Prepare the content for the visuals that will accompany the text.

Is the info organized into paragraphs? That’s a start. Try to narrow it down to several main headings with minimal amounts of information to provide context. Statistics work great here since numbers are an effective attention grabber. Once you have your information, you’re ready to start designing.

Orlando Infographic Design

Not Experienced in Design? No Problem!

There are many online tools at your disposal to create effective Orlando infographic design. Here are some examples to get you started:


Canva has a great Orlando infographic design software that’s free to use. Simply pick from a huge selection of infographic templates to get started, then edit the default content with your own information. You can add icons, images and charts to organize the info in a creative and eye-catching way. The possibilities are endless!

Orlando Infographic Design


Similar to Canva, Venngage offers an infographic design software based on pre-made templates. The basic services are free for students, but you can upgrade your plan at any time for individual or business use. Venngage is great for getting started with Orlando infographic design!

Orlando Infographic Design

Still Lost?

South Street & Co.’s graphic design services can provide you with 100% custom infographics for your business. Unlike the free software above, we create infographics from scratch without using prefabricated templates to provide you with a unique visual for your company.

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