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Face it, we live in world of design. Wherever you go, whatever you hold, and what you see has all been designed by someone or a group of ‘someones’ to solve an issue. Surrounding yourself with designers is a wonderful opportunity that will help you continue learning, grow professionally, and create long-lasting friendships. Getting involved in an Orlando design community can feel intimidating at first but it eventually will become a new place to call home.  

AIGA Orlando

Orlando Design Community

(Photo Courtesy: AIGA Orlando)

A design community is home for many professionals, students, and those eager to enter the world of design. The American Institute of Graphic Arts, or AIGA for short, is a national and professional organization for designers. With more than seventy chapters across the country, you are guaranteed to find your Orlando design community. Whether you specialize in UX/UI design, web design, or you have never touched an Adobe application in your life, you are still welcome to attend.

The AIGA Orlando chapter serves to unite, educate, and give back to the community. Throughout the year they bring together people from all backgrounds to share knowledge by hosting workshops, speakers, networking events, and fun socials.  

People are always welcomed to attend the meetings. You also have the option to become a member online through their website to gain exclusive perks. If you are a business seeking to learn more about the design community or potentially hire a new designer, AIGA Orlando is a great option for you.


Orlando Design Community

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The following example is another way to get involved in the design community. Online platforms have made it easier to connect with other like-minded people. Dribbble is a design community to share work, create portfolios, find job opportunities, and search for inspiration. Once online a user is able to share their process and final projects for others to see.

Orlando Design Community

Any person can use the website to follow and/or hire designers. However, the website requires an email invitation to post content. Do not worry, there are constantly invites being given away through social media contests and AIGA Orlando meetings. As a business owner, Dribbble can be your window to know what design trends are popular and what talent is available to hire in your Orlando design community.


Orlando Design Community

If you are a business owner, it can be difficult to attend physical meetings or stay on top of the latest trends. However, you can still be involved in the design community by using Slack, an online platform that helps separate conversations in an organized manner.  If you join the Orlando Slack Channel, you are free to use different channels to talk to other designers without the nervousness that comes when talking in person.

Whether you are looking for feedback, jobs, and/or have discussions about design, Slack will help you stay involved!

Getting Involved in Design Community

You should be actively searching for ways to learn and join the community in which you live in. Joining the design community in Orlando creates one-of-a-kind opportunities for both you and your business. Thanks to technology, it is now easier than ever to connect with others!

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