One Main Thing I Learned In My First Month As An Intern

One Main Thing I Learned In My First Month As An Intern

One Main Thing I Learned In My First Month As An Intern

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The marketing landscape has drastically changed over the last few years as a result of new technology and methods of communication.

As a marketer, it’s imperative that we not only stay conscious of these changes, but we must change with them, especially if our goal is long-term relevance in the business world. During my first month as an intern at South Street and Co., I learned one thing that is crucial to getting exposure in today’s business world.

Google is one of the most widely utilized search engines and a lot of business owners are taking advantage of this tool in hopes of receiving the most exposure. Typically when a search query is made, millions of results are populated. However, the results that are usually clicked are those that are seen first.

There are many ways one can get exposure to their content, but from experience, search engine optimization (SEO)  is the most effective. Among the many SEO techniques you could use, strategically utilizing “Most Popular” keywords in your website content helps a great deal.

One way to utilize your keywords (or key phrases) the best is creating written blog content using a simple format. This format allows you to use your phrase more than once in the most effective way possible.

Basically, your keyword (or phrase)  should be found in the title of the blog, in one subheading (if you break it up into sections), and at least 3 times in the body of your blog (depending on the length). This allows Google to choose your content over all other results, because not only are you using a popular keyword (or phrase), but you use it multiple times, telling Google that your content is the most relevant.

If you do this on multiple occasions, on multiple pages of your website, using keywords most relevant to your business, your website will most likely be ranked higher than all other search results.

So, not only did I learn the technique of using popular keywords on your website, but I learned firsthand where and how they can be placed strategically. I was able to apply what I learned to a real-world situation, which is exactly how I like to learn.


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