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Let’s begin with a story. Many years ago, promoting your business was only through the use of word-of-mouth, signs and reputation, and even the mention of social media promotion for your blog would get you into some trouble.

These were the bleak and dark times of the early 1990’s, where you had to pay a large amount of money on signs, print ads and television ads just to have some people show up at your place of business.

Now, fast forward to today, and the ability to promote your business, yourself and your product is, essentially, endless.

Here’s your “how to” guide to social media promotion for your blog.

Your Blog, It’s Your Business

Let’s say you are a bee and you have your own blog where you talk about the importance of minding your own beeswax (or if you’re a bee, a bees-ness). You sell honey and want people to know that, once and for all.

Social Media Promotion for Your Blog


Back in the old days as a beekeeper, you’d have to go door to door just to promote yourself, or hand out a flyer or do television ads (which could be tricky if you’re a bee since you’re so small.) But nowadays the internet makes things possible for even the smallest of bees.

Now let’s talk about social media. Here’s how you can kill it with social media.

Link Your Blog To Your Social Media Profiles

Be sure to always link your blog to your social media accounts. You want to make sure that all your accounts are consistent in theme, in information and in the description of your product and company.

You should also revive past blogs in order to get increased recognition to them. Don’t think just because they’re old, they’re not relevant. You want to be discovered by as many people (and bees) as possible.

Post Consistently

Make sure you’re always posting and posting consistently. The rule of thumb is to post twice a day on Facebook, once a day on Instagram and 3 to 9 (that’s right, 9 times a day!) on Twitter (This is also just an estimate as each business is different).

The content doesn’t have to all relate back to your business (or for the case of our example, bees-ness). It can be fun content pertaining to your business.

If you are, for example, a bee and happen to be all about honey, you can post an article of recipes featuring your prized product, or a post about the health benefits of eating honey.

The possibilities are endless if you’re a bee.


Once you start posting, make sure that you always engage with your followers. This could mean responding to an inquiry or Facebook comment or answering a question in your inbox. You want to make sure that you’re always keeping your followers engaged.

Engagement also means creating fun content that requires responses, like a contest or a funny picture for customers to comment on.

Social Media Promotion for Your Blog

In these modern times, it is now easier than ever to use social media promotion for your blog. You can promote your business (bees-ness) and get your message out there, whether you’re trying to sell honey, or just get more followers.

Social media promotion is the bee’s knees & I hope you use some of these tips to implement it and own your social accounts and your blog promotion!

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