How Can Ocala Social Media Marketing Companies Help Your Business?

How Can Ocala Social Media Marketing Companies Help Your Business?

How Can Ocala Social Media Marketing Companies Help Your Business?

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If you’ve been sleeping on social media, it’s time to wake up! Don’t hit the snooze button on learning how Ocala social media marketing companies can help you crush your goals.

Have you checked your social media accounts today? According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of people use some form of social media. So, we’re guessing that you’ve probably logged into at least one of your social channels at some point throughout the day. But simply checking in on social media isn’t enough anymore. Here are some ways Ocala social media marketing companies can help your business maximize its full potential.

Advertise – Grow Your Followers While On A Budget

Research shows that the average daily social media usage of people with access has increased to 145 minutes per day. So, if you’re not using social media as a marketing tool, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Check out our FREE social media worksheet: Putting The ‘Social’ In Social Media to get started. 


If you’ve been hesitant to market your products and brand on social media because you’re unsure of the cost, know that advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. Ocala social media marketing companies will make it work for you by crafting and perfecting a strategy to help you grow your followers, even if you have a limited budget. 

By fully understanding your business’s services or products, a marketing company – such as South Street & Co. – can tailor each post to fit your target audience. We know what works, so you don’t have to.

Connect With Your Audience – Use Your Story To Forge Connections

In a time where so many people feel disconnected from the world, social media is a great tool to help us not feel so alone. Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and stopped because something you read or saw caught your eye? Maybe it was something funny or a poignant reminder of a fond time. Whatever it was, it made you pause, and – before you knew it – you were scrolling through the rest of the creator’s feed.

Ocala social media marketing companies can create compelling content that you can share across your different channels. The right content combined with relevant and appealing photos, like those from DepositPhotos for example, can make the people you are targeting want to follow you on social media. Don’t have the time to research and write content for social media? Let the experts at South Street & Co. do the work for you. Our talented team of social butterflies have the necessary skills to take your social media content to the next level.

Ocala Social Media Marketing Companies Can Increase Your ROI

If you’re not running ads on your social media platforms because you’re on a tight budget, you should reconsider. With so many people social media “channel surfing,” online ads are now one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience. 


When you run a print ad, you’re paying for a dedicated space located inside a magazine or journal. But you don’t necessarily have the tools to gauge your metrics. How many people did your ad reach? How many visited your website after seeing the ad? How many went on to make a purchase?


Ocala social media marketing companies can help you determine those numbers by reviewing the stats. Social media ads record your audience’s behaviors as they interact with them. We can provide you with hard evidence of what’s working and what’s not. Tweaking your ads to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget will not only improve the chances of your audience seeing your ad, but will also improve the chances of them making a purchase. 

As a company that prides itself in social media – just look at our Around Downtown Orlando page with over 42k followers – we want to pass on what we have learned to our fellow small businesses. If you can relate to the information above, contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We’d be thrilled to come up with a plan to grow your business through social media marketing.

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