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Networking can be intimidating. From thoughts of, ‘What do I say to someone?’ ‘How do I remember everyone I met?’ Or more importantly, ‘How should I follow-up?’

I get it! Networking isn’t easy, and a lot of the people who look naturals most likely didn’t get that way overnight. It takes stepping outside your comfort zone and you never know where that can take you. Here are a few surefire ways to help you get into the groove of networking.

Tip 1: Take Notes

Talking to so many different people in a compact amount of time gives your brain a workout! I often feel like I can’t remember what I talked about with someone so I figured out a way to not let that happen.

After a few conversations, I usually go to a table and write down a couple bullet points of our conversation. I use these to relate back to when writing their follow-up email.

Whether it be a personal topic or business related, having them see that you actually listened and remembered will make your relationship with them, not break it!


Tip 2: CamCard

If you are like me, you have a whole drawer of business cards from people you’ve met at networking events. Say goodbye to the days of shuffling through that drawer!

CamCard is an app that has you take a picture of someone’s business card, it will then collect all the information and input it as a contact in your phone. That’s it! This will literally change your networking contacts into an organized masterpiece.

Tip 3: Red Stamp

Sending follow-ups after networking is so important. It allows your fellow networkers to remember you better and to start a relationship with you. In a digital age, an email is always the most effective route to go; we still love a good handwritten note, don’t get us wrong. But at the same time, a personalized touch of any kind makes all the difference.

Red Stamp is an app that will make writing follow-up emails easy and fun. This app lets you create personal digital or paper cards. They have all types of occasions to choose from but there is a networking option.

On that option, there are so many great cards to send. You can personalize all of them, save them to your phone, and then email the card to your new contact. It is a great way to start a conversation with them.




I hope these 3 tips will help you when it comes to your next networking event. You may think that you can’t put yourself out there or remember everyone, but like with anything, practice makes perfect. So put yourself out there and go mingle!

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