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Updates and changes are part of life… like that time you got the bowl haircut. Okay, bad memory, but really, everyone needs to be ready for changes, especially when it comes to marketing and technology and now, having a mobile friendly website.

Google recently sent out a forewarning notice about their update that will come towards the end of April. This update will require websites to be changed to a mobile friendly website. So what does this mean for you? This means that if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, or it’s not mobile optimized, it could be demoted in the search engine rankings.

Still don’t understand why being a mobile friendly website is important? Here’s an example: You’re a realtor in Orlando and someone is searching for Realtor Orlando on their phone. Your website is now at the top of the rankings. However, after April, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could potentially not be at the top of the search page.

But don’t worry, there is good news. There’s a link that Google published to make sure that you have a mobile friendly website. Here it is:

All you need to do is type in the URL ( to the website and it will scan it and it tells you whether your website is a mobile friendly site. If your site is a mobile friendly site, it will come up on your phone differently than a desktop or laptop. It will have a different menu and most times you won’t need to make the text bigger to read it. It should look similar to the photo for this post… that’s my site on a mobile device.

If your website isn’t a mobile friendly website, that needs to be fixed. There are some developers and designers you can talk to in order to make a mobile friendly website. The prices range, but it’s better than your website being demoted and having no customers able to find you.

The Google update is one that people are scrambling around to make sure their website is compliant. It’s nothing to freak out about, but definitely something to pay attention to. If you or anyone you know needs assistance with their website, contact us today!

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