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Master Instagram posts with our 5 creative ideas… you’ll see a difference!

If we can be real for a second, Instagram can be a little difficult. Actually, all social media sites can be difficult. Between figuring out what to post, waiting for the right time to post, applying the best filter, coming with a caption, and getting a lot of interaction, it can be a lot. But guess what? We’re making it easier for you to master Instagram posts. Not only do we have the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest blog post, but now you’ll have five creative Instagram ideas that we give you full permission to steal from us.

Use an app

Using apps for creating images easily should be used more often. We recommend Canva for creating graphics that can include photos, text, and other visual graphics. You can even create them to be a perfect fit for Instagram, which will make your posting easier when you approach the crop screen. We also love the app Word Swag for creating quick visuals from your phone that can include logos, colors, and words. It’s easy and user-friendly. Found a quote that you want to post? Word Swag it! 

P.S. We wrote a blog all about how to use Canva to create captivating visual content. Click here to read that.

Master Instagram Posts with these 5 Creative Ideas

Embrace the trend of videos

If you haven’t heard, video is the next big thing in social media. Instagram is no different, and with its longer video options, there are so many great possibilities here. Get ready to master Instagram posts with the latest social media trends. Our suggestions are vlogging (video blogging) for a behind the scenes style video, an information video, or download the Legend app. Legend is a great app because it creates animated words for your social media. It creates something interesting to look at and can be done in under five minutes. Be careful with the audio, though, most people are scrolling through with their phones muted – it’s probably best to wait to include audio until the first few seconds of the video pass.

Create a flat lay

You might be wondering, “What in the world is a flat lay?” Don’t worry; we asked ourselves the same question before finding out that a flat lay is the words for a few things neatly laid out on a background. They are super trendy and super easy to make. Have a succulent, some business cards, and a cute notepad on your desk? Arrange them neatly and snap a photo. Apply a filter and you’re good to go.

Master Instagram Posts with these 5 Creative Ideas

Host a contest

Instagram contests are great ways to gain some interaction (and followers). They’ll help you master Instagram posts. We recently ran a contest where the people who commented answering a question we posed were entered to win a bottle of organic nail polish. It can be anything – an hour massage, a gift basket, or even a gift certificate. Ask your audience to like, comment, and follow you to be entered and (of course) make sure you actually give what you said you would.

Master Instagram Posts with these 5 Creative Ideas

Create a weekly series

Think #ThrowbackThursday but branded to your company. We recently started a series for a client called #FranchiseFriday where each Friday we post something related to a franchise and franchising. This is something that your followers can grow to expect from you, and will be the perfect segway to write a great caption, and teach your audience more about your market. The perfect way to master Instagram posts.

There’s a reason why people love Instagram so much because it’s visual, interactive, and allows for creativity. Don’t let your Instagram game lack in creativity or visually interesting posts because that’s what causes people to press the unfollow button. If you need help getting started, call us!

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