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Maitland social media marketing is everything for your small business. As a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of huge budgets like the big corporate brands. You have to rely on the tools at your disposal in order to gain new customers.

Let’s explore some of the ways that Maitland social media marketing can help your business grow.

Relationship Building

The goal with your small business is to create a loyal base of customers. In turn, these customers will come back to make purchases on a regular basis. Thanks to Maitland social media marketing, you now have the ability to stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis.

I like following my favorite local businesses to receive updates on new products and see behind the scenes pictures. Posting content on a regular basis to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat allows you to foster relationships further with your customers.

Social media marketing also serves as brand awareness and reminds your customers they need to visit you soon. This example from Wendy’s is a great way to interact with customers and to keep in touch. Wendy’s event takes their social media to the next level by being witty and fun, as seen in this tweet below.

 Maitland Social Media Marketing

Customer Service

A few years ago, I had an issue with my cell phone provider. I went to the store, only to be told my problem was non-existent. Soon after leaving, the problem appeared again.

I took to Twitter (my favorite social platform) and aired my grievances with the company. Little did I know that soon after this would lead to the company responding politely to my Tweet. They resolved the issue.

Maitland social media marketing can be used to help resolve issues customers may have. Social media marketing can also be used to answer any questions a potential customer may have about your products or services.

 Maitland Social Media Marketing

Your Competitors Are Using Social Media Marketing

This is the biggest reason you should be using Maitland social media marketing for your business: your competitors are using social media. In fact,  91% of retail brands are using two or more social media platforms in order to reach their customers or clients.

You can beat your competitors to the punch by using social platforms right now.

Social media should be used as an extension of your business. Once you’ve decided on your brand’s social voice, it’s time to begin using Maitland social media marketing to your advantage!

If you want to use social media to your advantage, contact us today so we can help.

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