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Jomy Leon-Rivera, also known as Love Jomyblogs all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We’ve interviewed her to share all she has learned in the blogging world. We hope you get inspired and learn from her helpful tips to take your social media to the next level!

Love Jomy

Photographer: @chnvision

Tell our readers about yourself and your blog

My name is Jomy Leon-Rivera and I am a 24-year-old Orlando Native. I am a lover of all things beauty and style and I am so lucky that I get to blog about it and share my content with the world. I’m a believer and dreamer that graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Human Communication and a minor in Digital media.

Tell us how you first got into blogging.

All throughout high school, I spent countless amounts of hours watching beauty and fashion videos on YouTube. I always dreamt of starting my channel but let my fears and opinions of others hinder my dream. Fast forward to my junior year at UCF (2013), I took a social media as mass communication course where the curriculum was based around creating a blog where you can talk about anything you wanted. As long as it met the word count requirement and included a photo. This course gave me the confidence I needed to start a blog and a YouTube channel.

How did you establish your “theme” or brand?

Remember how I said I used to watch YouTube videos in high school? Well…I had an account on YouTube named Love Jomy and it ended up getting 65 subscribers. So five years later, I couldn’t decide on a name and since my YouTube account already had 65 subscribers, I figured I could stick with Love Jomy and it worked!

For your theme or brand, do you have things that you do consistently?

I used to be very critical and picky about everything I posted. It ended up consuming so much time that eventually I realized the most important thing to do as a brand is to take a step back and think about what you are posting. Things I think about when taking a step back are: am I being genuine? Will this post inspire someone? Do I love the content I am putting out? Am I being repetitive? How can I switch things up to keep my brand alive?

Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

I love creating mood boards on Pinterest.

Photographer: @chnvision

What do you think is the best strategy to get more traffic to your blog?

Quality over quantity. It’s important to create quality content that is not overwhelming. Finding the balance between being consistent and creating a top quality blog post.

What’s your favorite social media platform? Why?

I really enjoy Instagram because it’s a photo diary of all of the content you create.

How do you gain followers?

Being consistent and doing lots of hashtag research.

Once you have the followers, how do you keep them & engage with them?

I love posting witty captions, adding a question at the end and captions with lots of details. That way they ask about the products or tell me about products they’re currently loving.

How many times a week do you post?

I used to post on my blog once per week but recently life has gotten in the way and it has currently been put on a little hold. As far as Instagram goes, I try to post 1-2 times per day.

Is this a part of your strategy to keep gaining followers or do you post at random?

I normally post at random.
Love Jomy


What are some misconceptions about social media?

That your life is perfect. Social media is mostly the highlights and people sometimes fall in love with the idea of your life and it’s important to be real and share what’s on your heart.

How do you find relevant hashtags for your photos on Instagram?

Every time I am going to post a photo, I find new hashtags that align with the brands I am talking about and the community I am trying to attract. So I go to the brands Instagram accounts to see what hashtags they’re using.

Do you have photos taken professionally or do you take them yourself?

I do a mix of the two. It depends on what the vision is.

What are some tips you can give in order to take a good photo?

Lighting is your best friend. Make sure there isn’t anything in the background that you can’t photoshop out or that will ruin the photo. I would also say it’s important to consider what the vision for the photo is.
Love Jomy


What’s your favorite location to take photos?

It really depends on my outfit and the vibe I am going for. So, I can’t really say I have a favorite.

What are your top 3 favorite emojis?

????,  ???? and ????

How do you keep your website updated & relevant?

Every so often, I will change the layout and photos on my homepage.

What apps would you recommend to our followers?

For iPhone photos: VSCO, Afterlight and Facetune.

What else do you want to add to help small business owners?

If you stay true to yourself and your brand, everything will fall into place.
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